How To Create An Amazing Instagram Feed


People always ask me how I manage to travel so much, or what advice I have for someone that wants to live the life of their dreams.

As flattered as I am, it’s crazy to believe that in just a few months I’ve somehow become an expert in this, all because of one thing – carefully curating my Instagram feed.

Nowadays, by looking through Instagram, it seems like everyone else is living the life of their dreams. But the truth is, you don’t have to leave everything behind and make drastic life changes to achieve that perfect Instagram feed.

With careful planning and following these simple steps, you too can have that awesome, curated feed of your dreams.


How to Create an Amazing Feed on Instagram:

Stick With Your Niche
Take a Lot of Photos
Edit Every Photo
Space Out Your Photos
Schedule Your Photos In Advance
Only Post Your Best Content


Stick With Your Niche

Before getting started, the first step is figuring out what type of photos you want to post. When I first joined Instagram, I posted pictures of everything – hanging out with my friends, food, dogs, fitness, even what shoes I was wearing that day. I only had a few followers which mostly were just my friends. Although that was just fine for the moment, when I started traveling I had this urge to learn how to grow my Instagram account. After observing and researching what other successful people were doing I realized that they all had one thing common: they all picked one subject and only posted pictures related to it. For me, that meant travel.




To grow on Instagram, it is very important to pick ONE area of expertise like fitness, food, fashion, animals, travel etc. and stick with that niche. The more you diverge from that one area, the more you will confuse your followers. People like to know that if they follow you for travel inspiration that is exactly what they can expect from you. Or if they follow you for fitness advice, they will get tips on exercises and meals. It’s ok to diverge once in a while, but most of the time try to stick with posting pictures in that one niche you pick.


Take a Lot of Photos

Whenever I do travel, I take a lot of photos. A LOT. Later on, whenever I return home and review my photos, I might like 1 out of 100 photos I have taken. It’s always good to have more options to choose from than to get home to find out that the lighting was off, the angle was unflattering or that the photo was blurry.

Having extra photos also helps me whenever I am home for an extended time because I always have potential photos to choose from and I don’t need to stress or worry about going on a trip just to take more photos. Whenever I do travel sometimes I even bring extra outfit options to get different looks in various locations. That way I can re-use a photo from the same location multiple times without making it look exactly the same.


Taking as many photos as possible when you have a chance is even more important when you have limited time, such as if you’re working full-time and only have the weekends to take photos. If you don’t do this, you’ll probably resort to taking and posting less-than-ideal photos later on.


Edit Every Photo

Most (probably all) professional photographers and bloggers edit every photo before uploading them to Instagram, and if you want to have that perfect feed, you should be doing the same. The default settings in your cameras and phones rarely process photos well enough that they’re perfect from the get-go, and often need plenty of adjustments to get the light and color right.

Like many of the other photographers, I use Adobe Lightroom to edit the majority of my photos, but there are other easier to use and free applications available. Some of my favorite phone editing apps are Polarr, VSCO, and Snapseed. For a tutorial on how to use the Snapseed app check out my editing tips HERE.




Lastly, stay away from the preset Instagram filters. Although they were cool and fun a few years ago, they have been overused and overdone since then. If you are serious about achieving that perfect Instagram look, it’s better to learn how to edit a photo by adjusting the individual settings like exposure, contrast, saturation, etc. instead of using a generic filter.


Space Out Your Photos

After I get back from a trip, I don’t post all my best photos the same day which is what I used to do before I got serious about my Instagram account. Before, I would go on a trip, take some pictures and post all the best photos the same night. Then I would go back to my job and not have anything else to post for a week or two until my next hike or a trip. When I started to learn more about Instagram, I realized that professional photographers never post all of their photos from their trips all at once. Instead, they space them out over weeks or months, always having interesting photos to fill their feeds without actually being there.

This might feel awkward at first. I remember when I first started practicing this, I would be at work posting photos from a trip I had taken a month before and I would get a lot of questions from co-workers or friends, wondering if I was still there. Now that I am taking time off to travel, this process is a lot easier because most people don’t know where I am at the moment. Sometimes I am home for a few weeks between trips, yet I am still posting photos as if I am traveling and nobody knows otherwise. Just remember that it doesn’t have to be Throwback Thursday to post a photo from an old trip.


Schedule Your Photos In Advance

Consistent posting is incredibly important when trying to create the perfect Instagram feed. Posting too many photos in a row might be seen as spammy behavior, but on the other hand not posting enough will make your followers forget about you. Consistent posting will keep your followers engaged which will drive up your views and likes.




To stay conisistent, I use an app called Hootsuite to schedule all my posts ahead of time for my accounts @vagablonde_laura and @funlifecrisis. Not only does scheduling help me plan my feed in advance, but it also stops me from posting a bad picture on a whim. Hootsuite has been invaluable because it allows me to sit down once, schedule everything for the next week or two, and not have to worry about having a consistent feed even when I travel and don’t have a laptop.


Only Post Your Best Content

When it comes to creating a good feed, it’s very important to post only the best photos. It’s better to post great content less often than to post a mix of good and bad content just to post more frequently.




To help me with this, I created a folder on my computer where I put all my past and future photos so I can see what the feed will look like. This helps me to determine if the photos are complimentary, if the feed flows well and if I have already posted a similar photo recently. Laying out the photos next to each other also helps me catch any potential bad ones or any odd-balls.


Everyone has the potential to create their dream feed on Instagram. If I, a corporate finance geek that could barely operate a camera a few months ago can live my travel dream life on Instagram, anyone can do it. It just takes time, patience, effort and love for what you are doing. Just remember to have fun and enjoy it!



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21 thoughts on “How To Create An Amazing Instagram Feed”

  1. Thank you so much for being so generous with sharing these tips! I really enjoyed reading this and am going to try some of the techniques you have suggested. I stumbled on your feed and love it!

    1. Great! I am glad you found it helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions as you’re trying out these tips : )

  2. Thanks for the good info! Just curious: do you have a travel buddy that takes pics for you or do you set up a tripod and use a timer/remote?

    1. Hi, Kyle! I try to do both. Whenever I travel with my fiance, my family or friends I will ask them for help taking photos. I try to set up the shot and camera ahead of time so when I do need to ask for help taking pictures, they only need to press the button. I try to make it as easy as possible for my “photographer” whenever possible. If I travel by myself I set up a 10-second timer on my camera or I just take pictures of the surrounding nature without myself in it. I do have a tripod, but most of the time I forget it at home and try to balance the camera on a rock or a tree for the self-timer (I know, super professional haha). Hope this helps!

      1. Ha! Yes, that’s the trick… remembering to take everything that you need with you! I regularly leave everything behind. And I totally get it about setting up the camera before hand. My mom is the WORST! ;) Thanks for the reply. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Thanks for the information and the great photos. Have you been able to turn your instagram account into an income producing function for you, or is it rather a way for you to share your experiences. Many thanks!

    1. Hi, Bobby! I have been approached by multiple companies about paid posts on my Instagram accounts but so far I have been very picky with whom I want to work with. I don’t want to become one of those accounts where every other post is a spam ad. I am hoping with time I would be able to find really amazing companies and brands to work with in order to supplement my travels with side income from social media, but right now it’s mostly just for fun.

  4. Great post. I actually do the same things above since I take so many photos that I just end up saving some of them for when I have less content. Hootsuite is amazing. I used it when I managed social accounts for companies I worked for years ago and they’re especially good for busy people and heavy travellers. :) Awesome post!


    1. Thank you, Miki! Glad you enjoyed the article! I absolutely love Hootsuite. I also manage multiple Instagram accounts and instead of editing photos and writing captions in the middle of the day or when I’m on the go, I can just schedule a week’s worth of content in just a few hours. It is such a life saver! Cheers!

  5. Just getting started on serious posting of my travel photos, and I can’t agree more with your post. Looking forward to growing my following, and also seeing more from you. Cheers to many more fun travels!

    1. Hi, Tim! Keep up with the great work. It takes a lot of time, effort, trial and error to grow on social media. Just keep taking awesome photos and sharing them. Happy travels! Cheers!

  6. Thank you so much for this article! I know I’m only 15, but I am having a photo instagram account (@pictuquotes) and I’m posting modern and nature pics. I’m not sure if that’s a good mix but people seem to like it. And a big thank you for following me on instagram, maybe you could give me some advices about a post or what kind of posts you prefer. It would really boast me! (If you can say that ?)

    1. Hey, Sam! That is awesome that you already know what you like (modern and nature). It took me a while to find my passion which is outdoors photography. I really like the colorful buildings that you have posted. Just keep posting great photos and with time you will find a trend that best represents your style!

  7. I would love any and all advise you could give me on my Instagram account specifically. Than you, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! @laumcl

    1. Hey, Laura! Thank you so much for reading my blog and all of your support!

      One of the biggest factors in being successful on Instagram is by picking a specific theme and sticking to it 100%. I can see that your account started off as a personal one but at some point, you switched to outdoors and travel. That is exactly how I started too. Initially, I used to post all sorts of photos on my account like food, pets, running, friends, etc. and then I switched to only outdoors photography. Soon after I started noticing other people show interest in my account beyond my family and friends. I can see that in your account as well because the likes have definitely gone up since you created a more defined theme to your account.

      I would say stick with one theme, edit your photos in a similar fashion, keep learning about photography, taking lots of photos and just have fun with it. Hope this helps!

      Laura : )

  8. wow! super duper helpful intel. Thank you lady! Makes total sense now to me! I have some cleaning up to do and scheduling as well.

    1. Glad these tips are helpful! Scheduling posts in advance can help to get into a good routine and to stay consistent. Posting every day or every few days can lead to better engagement and more growth on Instagram over time.
      Cheers, Laura.

  9. Do you have a particular camera you suggest for beginners? I would need something that works well for both indoor and outdoor. Thanks in advance! I love your Instagram accounts!

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