Our Favorite Travel Gear

Interested to know what we pack when heading out on adventures? Here is all of our favorite must-have travel gear that we bring on our trips and adventures!

This gear list covers our favorite travel items that we pack for day hikes, overnight backpacking trips, and road trips in our campervan. These are items that we have tested out over the years and are durable, high quality, lightweight, and trustworthy.

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Van Life Essentials

When it comes time to pack for a van life trip, it’s hard to know what is necessary to take on the road. Whether you’re heading on a weekend trip or a long-term adventure, these items are a must-have for road trips in a van!

Helinox Chair Zero

Foldable chairs are great for eating, working, or enjoying a campfire. We have a couple of foldable chairs that we can easily put together when we’re stopped at a campsite or store at the back of our van when we’re done.

REI Camp Foldable Table

We have a small camping table that we can prop up for eating meals. This table has foldable legs that are easy to set up and is made of aluminum material that doesn’t rust.

AeroPress Travel Coffee Press
AeroPress Travel Coffee Press

One of the easiest ways to make coffee in a campervan is by using an AeroPress coffee maker. Many van lifers use this coffee press because it can fit into small storage spaces and it won’t break if you accidentally drop it. 

Advanced Elements Solar Shower
Solar Shower

For showering, we have a solar shower bag. You just need to fill up the solar shower bag with water and leave it in the sun for about an hour until the water warms up.

Pee funnel
Freshette Pee Funnel

A pee funnel is a total game changer for females traveling in a van. It lets you pee standing up (like a guy) so you can go to the restroom outdoors more discreetly.

travel towel
Travel Towel

A travel towel is essential because this type of towel is light and dries quickly. It’s also very compact and folds small into the included pouch – perfect for limited storage spaces.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Living in a tight space like a campervan can be very messy. A portable car vacuum cleaner is a great item to have that will often come in handy!

Packing Cubes
Packing Cubes

Staying organized in a van can be a challenge. These travel packing cubes not only keep everything nice & tidy but also help save a ton of space.

Travel Clothesline

Travel clothesline is a great item that every van lifer should have. This travel clothesline comes with 12 clothespins, great for an impromptu laundry day!

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Favorite Hiking Gear

If you’re wondering what essentials you should bring on hiking trips, here are a few recommendations for our favorite hiking gear.

Day Pack

A small backpack is useful for carrying things like a wallet, car keys, phone, water, camera gear, and other items that you want to keep handy.

Down Hoody

When traveling to wilderness, it’s always colder than expected. I have a jacket by Mountain Hardwear that I bring in my daypack with me everywhere.

Hiking Boots

I recommend getting hiking boots that are lightweight and have a slip-resistant sole which is great for heading outdoors & doing day hikes.

Adventure Medical kit
Medical Kit

A first aid kit is essential for outdoor hiking trips. This emergency kit is very small and light so you can easily store it in a backpack.


I don’t go on any hiking trips without a headlamp. Having a headlamp is essential in case you get lost and need to find your way back during the night.

Trekking Poles

Hiking poles can assist with tackling steep trails, finding balance, and trekking across rough surfaces with ease!

Merino T-Shirt

I usually wear basic t-shirts for outdoor trips. Smartwool Merino wool shirts are very soft and manage moisture to keep you cool when hiking.

Darn Tough Socks

Merino wool socks are great because they keep your feet from getting sweaty and provide a comfortable cushion for all-day wear.

Water Bottle

We always bring a few reusable water bottles, especially in the hotter summer months. I love this bottle by REI that holds 32 oz of water.

Favorites For Backpacking

Here are a few of our go-to items for backpacking trips. After lots of trial and error, this is the gear that we love and will set you up for a successful backpacking experience even if you’ve never been before!

MSR Hubba Hubba Tent

This is our go-to tent whenever we’re unsure of what Mother Nature will throw our way. It’s lightweight, and ultra-reliable against any weather conditions.

Sleeping Bag

The Magma 15 sleeping bag is made for cold mountain temperatures as low as 17 degrees (F), it’s mummy-shaped so it traps the warmth inside and is super soft.

Sleeping Pad

Ever since I got a blowup sleeping pad, I wouldn’t go on another backpacking trip without one. A must-have for sleeping on hard surfaces!

Camping Stove

To make meals on our backpacking trips we bring along a small camping stove with a propane canister. We have a camping stove set that comes with two pots & silverware for eating.

Backpacking Pack

I have a 65 L backpacking pack that is a great heavy-duty beginner/intermediate pack. It is made of durable material and has plenty of space to bring everything for a backpacking trip.

Water Filter

Even if we plan to pack enough water for our backpacking trips, we always bring along a water filter just in case. We’ve been using Sawyer water filter for years and it does the job well!

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Favorite Camera Gear

Interested in stepping up your photography skills? Here is the camera gear that I use to create photos for my travel blogs and brand collaborations.

Sony a7C camera

I use the Sony a7c camera for my travel photos. This is the smallest and lightest full-frame camera available on the market – perfect for traveling, hiking, and outdoor trips!

Hoya 40.5 mm Polarizing Filter

Polarizing filters reduce glare in water and bring out the best colors when it’s bright outside. Having a polarizing filter is a must if you plan to photograph lakes, oceans, rivers, and waterfalls.

SanDisk Memory Card

It’s always good to bring a few extra memory cards. I’ve made the mistake of getting to a location to realize I’ve left my memory card at home. Now I always bring a few backup memory cards!

Lowepro Camera Bag

A camera bag is something you should definitely invest in! Without having a proper place to store it I would get my camera scratched, sandy, or even occasionally drop it.

Manfrotto Travel Tripod

A good tripod is essential for capturing images in low light conditions, during sunset and sunrise, or creating smooth water effects when shooting waterfalls.

Sony Wide Lens

For outdoor adventures, I like to use this Sony 16-35mm wide lens. A wide lens will capture more of the scenery in one shot – perfect for landscape photography!

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