Who we are


Hi! We are Laura and Joel, an accountant and engineer who in 2016 decided to leave our comfortable 9-5 jobs and travel the world full time.

We are currently on our biggest journey yet, traveling 14 countries through Central and South America over the next two years.

We started this blog to share everything we have learned about full time traveling, the tools that help us travel, and other fun things like social media and photography tips.

From corporate suits to vagabonds

Our journey into full time travel didn’t happen overnight.

We had spent our 20’s working on our careers and our lives seemed pretty set but we always dreamed of traveling the world and exploring the unknown. The more time we spent between our four office walls, the more we felt our Fun Life Crisis kick in. You know, that feeling that you get when you’re in a real need for some fun in your life.

Then in 2014 we took a trip that changed our mindset forever.

We were visiting family in Singapore when we decided to take a side trip to Bali where we met people our age living the dream life – chasing monkeys through the forest and white-water rafting by day, digital nomads by night. Working from and living wherever their heart desired.


We had to try it for ourselves… what did we have to lose?

So one day we walked into our boss’s office, gave our notice, packed up a U-Haul with everything we owned and drove north from Los Angeles into the unknown. We didn’t have a plan or a place to stay, but we had never felt such an excitement and joy for the future.

We ended up settling in Portland, Oregon – the magical land of endless waterfalls — where we explored and fell in love with the amazing outdoors, hiking, and traveling as much as we could.


Goodbye home base, hello dirtbags!

During our time in Oregon we started camping outdoors a lot more and taking our SUV on endless road trips. The more time we spent traveling in our Honda Element, the more we got inspired to convert our small SUV into a full time camper. This allowed us to travel longer, cheaper, comfortably, and have the ability to move around freely without paying the high costs of camping grounds or hotels.

What we found out is that we had no problems sleeping in our car at night and quite enjoyed the ability to take our home everywhere we wanted.

But after living in Oregon for a year our aspirations and travel goals kept growing and getting bigger.


A trip to Iceland changed the way we viewed campervans and gave us our first taste for traveling in a van. Needless to say we were hooked!

After the Iceland trip we decided to sell our SUV and upgrade to a full-size van. We took a few months off traveling to custom build our new adventure mobile and the day it was finished we set out on the ultimate road trip — a 2-year long journey down the PanAmerican Highway, a trip that will cover a total of 14 countries through Central and South America.


A completely different life

The transition from corporate 9-5’ers to van life hasn’t always been easy.

Along the way, we’ve had to figure out things we had never even thought of before and definitely not things our careers as an accountant and engineer trained us for.

We had to figure out things like how to choose a good camera to capture all the epic scenery or what apps to use to make our pictures look better because before all this, our idea of a good picture involved a camera phone and some Instagram preset filters.

We’ve also had to downsize our entire life, keeping only the gear that we truly love and use, a huge departure from our previous life of comfort and excess.

But how do we afford it all?!

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how do we afford to do this all? We know it seems pretty crazy to take a few years off work to travel full time, but it didn’t happen overnight.

During the time we were working 9-5’s, we started saving as much as we could to be able to take time off. It wasn’t easy, but it was definitely doable to save enough money to take years off of work.

Our goal with this blog is to inspire others to pursue their passions more. It’s never too late to enjoy life more and do the things that make you happy. For us that is traveling, photography and sharing our journey with others. Thank you for reading!

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