Review Of Staying At Kirk Creek Campground In Big Sur

Kirk Creek Campground in Big Sur

Planning a trip to Big Sur and looking for a campground to stay at? The Kirk Creek Campground is one of the most scenic campgrounds to experience along the rugged California coastline!

Kirk Creek Campground is perched on top of bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean with dreamy views of the Big Sur coastline.

This campground offers the perfect place to enjoy nature, rest, reset, and explore a few fun outdoor adventures.

Our guide below covers all you need to know about staying at the Kirk Creek Campground from the amenities it offers and things to do nearby to what you should bring, and expect from your visit!

Beautiful oceanfront campsite in Big Sur.

Review of staying at Kirk Creek Campground in Big Sur:

Know Before You Go

Before you head out to Big Sur, here are some important visitor tips to keep in mind:

  • There is no cell service at Kirk Creek Campground and in general very little to no reception along Highway 1 in Big Sur past any major cities. Be sure to look up campground directions, download movies to watch, or a Kindle book to read ahead of time.
  • Kirk Creek Campground allows dogs, but only within the campsite. While this region has limitations on where dogs are allowed, we had our pup Quito with us while camping in Big Sur and found plenty of places to take him for walks.
  • Stock up on everything you may need for your camping trip before you head out there. There are very few stores in Big Sur so we recommend bringing everything you may need for the weekend including food, water, and camping supplies.
  • Bring small bills if you wish to buy firewood or water that is often available for sale by the camp host.

Beautiful sunset at Kirk Creek Campground.

About Kirk Creek Campground

If you’re looking for a scenic campsite in Big Sur, Kirk Creek Campground is it! We loved staying at this campground because it offers the chance to enjoy quality off-the-grid time in one of the most beautiful places in California. But this makes Kirk Creek Campground hard to reserve as it’s always booked up, comparable to campsites in top National Parks like Yosemite.

All of the campsites at Kirk Creek Campground are grassy, open, and very spacious with plenty of distance from the rest of the campers. Unlike other California camping experiences, this one felt very serene and quiet with no partiers staying up drinking until the late hours. This is perfect if you just want to disconnect for a few days and enjoy some peace and nature!

The front campsites are lined against the bluffs and the back campsites are slightly elevated so everyone can enjoy ocean views.

Unfortunately, this means that some of the campsites are not leveled and tilt downwards. If you plan to stay in a car, van, or an RV, bring leveling blocks. Having leveling blocks and taking the time to position your car when parking can make all the difference for quality sleep.

Thinking of renting a campervan or RV for the first time? We recommend using our favorite van rental company Outdoorsy! Outdoorsy offers thousands of recreational vehicle rentals from popular cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and more. Check out Outdoorsy here!

Kirk Creek Campground is a true oceanside paradise!

Kirk Creek Campground Reservations

Kirk Creek Campground offers 40 campsites of which most work based on online reservations and a couple are set aside as a first come first serve.

The current fee is $45 for a standard campsite that can accommodate up to 8 people and 2 cars. There is a $2 additional charge for holidays and weekends. Extra vehicle costs $10/night.

If you want to stay at this campground, your best bet is to make a reservation well in advance. Without a reservation, you might be turned away, especially on the weekends and busy travel seasons like summer.

This is a very popular spot to camp in the Big Sur region. The campsites become available 6 months in advance on a rolling basis and often get booked up right away!

Beautiful campsite overlooking the Pacific Ocean

If you show up without a reservation, you might be able to snatch a campsite from a ‘no-show’. Our campsite almost got re-sold to someone else after we left to explore Big Sur without checking in with the campsite host first. If you have a reservation, always check in with the camp host upon arrival to prevent that from happening!

With limited campground and hotel options in Big Sur, Kirk Creek Campground does its best to accommodate all travelers. They even have a section with several tent sites reserved for biker and hiker walk-ins.

Make Kirk Creek Campground Reservations Here!

Hike & bike campsites at Kirk Creek Campground.

Kirk Creek Campground Location

Kirk Creek Campground is located along the scenic Highway 1 in Big Sur. It’s about a 5-hour drive from Los Angeles and a 1.5-hour drive from Monterey. The drive can often take much longer due to windy roads, foggy weather conditions, and jaw-dropping viewpoints that you’ll want to pull over and see constantly.

While Highway 1 is a paved and well-traveled road, be sure to drive with caution, especially around blind, sharp corners. During our trip, we saw a car flipped over and another one driving on a flat tire for miles since there are no mechanic shops nearby. You can also bring a fix a flat that can temporarily help you repair a flat tire.

Sunset at Kirk Creek Campground

Big Sur has very few towns and gas stations in between so be sure to fill up on gas before heading into this remote stretch of the rugged California Coast. There is a gas station in Gorda town about a 15-minute drive from the campground but it has a reputation for being the most expensive gas in the country.

The great thing about the Kirk Creek Campground is its central location. Within a short drive of the campground, you reach some of the most popular Big Sur attractions including Limekiln State Park, Sand Dollar Beach, and McWay Falls.

Google Map Location: Kirk Creek Campground, Big Sur, CA 93920

Kirk Creek Campground Amenities

Kirk Creek is a rustic campground with basic restrooms, no water sources, and no showers. If it’s your first time planning a camping trip and you’re looking for a campground with more amenities, we recommend checking out the Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground which has hot showers, a camp store, and even a restaurant on the property!

Here are some of the highlights of the Kirk Creek Campground:

  • Each campsite comes with a picnic table, a fire pit, and a grill. If you forget to bring your own firewood, you can purchase it for $15 (in cash) from the camp host or the general store in Gorda about 15 minutes south of the campground.
  • All of the campsites have a great view overlooking the ocean which is perfect for enjoying sunrises and sunsets. The campsites are situated on top of bluffs with an approximate 100 feet drop off below.
  • There are a variety of trails a short walk from the campground. We went on a quick hike on the south part of the campground that travels from the bluffs down to a scenic creek.
  • There are multiple easily accessible vault toilets throughout the campground. These are primitive restrooms with no potable water or lights so bring a headlamp to use them at night.
Restrooms with a view!

Kirk Creek Campground Cost

Here is the breakdown of what it cost us to visit and camp at the Kirk Creek Campground for the weekend:

  • Gas: $160. Since it takes us around 4-5 hours to get there in our campervan, one of our biggest expenses is usually gas.
  • Groceries: $150. There are not many restaurants in Big Sur so we typically spend more on groceries.
  • Campsite: $90. The campsites cost $45 per night and we stayed for two nights.
  • Firewood: $30. Firewood costs around $15 per bundle – bring cash to get it from the camp host.
  • Parking: $30. To park and visit some of the main attractions in Big Sur.

Total estimated cost: $460 for a 3-day camping trip.

Big Sur is one of our favorite places for heading on a road trip with our dog.

What To Bring Camping In Big Sur

The weather in Big Sur can be quite temperamental so come prepared for anything. During our road trip we experienced wind, fog, rain, and sunny weather – all within the same weekend.

Here are a few basics that we recommend bringing for your camping trip to Big Sur:

  • Water jugs. Upon arrival, we were surprised to find out that the Kirk Creek Campground does not offer any water sources. Be sure to bring your own water or grab some at the Gorda General Store nearby.
  • Food for the trip. Our campervan has a fridge so we usually bring basic meals for our camping trips. If you want to treat yourself to a restaurant meal, Whale Watchers Café in Gorda is a casual spot that is open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Wild Coast Restaurant is another nearby restaurant that offers upscale three-course meals and sushi if you’re looking for a nice dining experience with beautiful views.
  • Light Jacket. The weather in Big Sur is unpredictable and can change drastically throughout the day. When traveling to the coast it’s always colder than expected so pack a jacket that you can easily carry around and to the beach. I have an ultralight jacket by Mountain Hardwear that I bring in my backpack with me everywhere.
  • Hiking shoes. I’m pretty clumsy so I prefer wearing hiking shoes with extra grip that prevent me from slipping & falling especially when it’s raining. But any walking shoes will do it for the easier hikes.
Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur
  • Travel towel. To wipe off mud and sand before getting into your car or tent.
  • Poison oak treatment. Poison oak can be found all over the Big Sur coastline. Bring poison oak treatment in case you get exposed to it.
  • Sunscreen. This is an absolute must for traveling in California. It’s easy to get sunburned even on foggy coastal days.
  • Portable phone charger. It’s always a good idea to bring a phone charger just in case your phone runs out of battery mid-hike.
  • Emergency kit. REI sells compact lightweight emergency kits that are easy to bring in a car or day pack. You never know when you’ll need it and in Big Sur it’s best to go prepared.

Pfeiffer Big Sur campground in Big Sur

While this is a compact list with a few of the basic items, we do have longer-packing articles that dive into more details!

For tent campers: Check out this guide that covers our ultimate backpacking packing list.

For car travelers: Here are all the essentials that we bring for road trips in our car.

For van travelers: This guide covers 85 essentials that we pack in our campervan.

Things To Do In Big Sur

Here are some of the best things to see & do in Big Sur that are located near or within a short drive from the Kirk Creek Campground.

Heading south from the campground:

Sand Dollar Beach

Viewpoint of Sand Dollar Beach
Surfer at Sand Dollar Beach

When staying at the Kirk Creek Campground, Sand Dollar Beach is one of the closest beaches that you can visit in the area. Sand Dollar Beach is the largest sandy beach in Big Sur and is also dog-friendly! Here you can take your pup down to the beach and into the water but they do need to stay on a leash and be cleaned up after.

There is a decent-sized parking lot for visitors that costs $10 for day use. If there is an attendant on duty, here you can also purchase water, propane, poison oak wipes, and Advil.

Stairs leading down to Sand Dollar Beach

To reach the beach you can follow the path that goes through the wooden gate and leads down toward the shore. There is a viewing area on top of the cliffs where (if you’re lucky) you might spot sea life or a California Grey Whale in the ocean.

From there take the stairs down to Sand Dollar Beach where you can go for a leisure walk on the longest stretch of beach in Big Sur.

San Martin Rock

San Martin Rock

San Martin Rock is a quick scenic spot that you can see as you drive up and down Highway 1. Here you can pull over to see the ocean and the unique San Martin Rock.

For better views, you can take a narrow trail down the overgrown bluffs for a closer look. But be careful as this trail ends abruptly next to a steep cliff edge.

For a different view of the rock, you can also stop by the Willow Creek viewpoint and day-use area. The Willow Creek viewpoint is free but if you wish to head down to the beach, it costs $10 for beach day use.   


Whale Watchers Café in Gorda

Gorda is where you’ll want to stop if you need to stock up on camping items, groceries, drinks, gas, or any other supplies. But do note that everything here is extra expensive because it has to be brought in from afar. Gorda also has cottage rentals, a minimart, a Whale Watchers Café, and an espresso bar.

Salmon Creek Falls

Salmon Creek Falls

Salmon Creek Falls is a 0.3-mile hike that leads to a hidden 120-foot waterfall within Los Padres National Forest. This is a short hike but you’ll need to scramble across slippery rocks and pull yourself up a cliff with a rope to take a closer look.

This hike is also overgrown with poison oak and the trailhead has warnings for toxic algae that can often be found in the water. If you plan to hike this trail with little kids or dogs, don’t let them play in the water to avoid exposure to toxic algal mats.

Ragged Point Scenic View

Foggy morning at Ragged Point View

Ragged Point is one of the most popular locations in Big Sur for travelers to stop and stretch their legs, fill up on gas, grab lunch, and enjoy a view of the ocean.

On the property, you can roam around and check out the Ragged Point Inn, a rustic yet chic hotel that has a nice restaurant with outdoor seating. This is also a popular location for events and dreamy Big Sur outdoor weddings.

Here you can also walk on pathways next to the cliffs and peep through an art piece called “Portal to Big Sur”.

Elephant Seal Vista Point

Adorable Elephant Seals lounging in the sand

When coming from the south, this is usually our first stop on a Big Sur road trip. Here you can walk on designated pathways and observe elephant seals from a close, yet safe distance.

In the 1800s elephant seals were hunted to near extension. A small group of them resided on Guadalupe Island in Mexico and since then have repopulated to a colony of 15,000 that we can see here today.

We stopped by the Elephant Seal Vista Point most recently in March and saw a large group of females and one male on the beach. The males are giant and are typically gone by March while the females are much smaller and stay with their young pups.

Heading north from the Kirk Creek Campground:

Limekiln State Park

Scenic bridge by Limekiln State Park

This is another excellent campground and day-use area in Big Sur that has access to a large beach and several hiking trails. The Limekiln Campground is part of the Limekiln State Park so it costs $10 to visit it for the day.

Besides providing easy beach access, you can also take scenic trails through a redwood forest that leads to historic lime kiln ruins and a waterfall. Unfortunately, all of the trails were closed during our visit due to damages from a fire so we were not able to do them on our trip.

Gamboa Point

Amazing views of Big Sur & Gamboa Point Beach.

Gamboa Point is one of my favorite stops that offers fantastic views of the Big Sur coastline. This area overlooks a rocky beach with lush hills and turquoise blue water that looks especially stunning on a sunny day.

There is a small, pristine beach at the bottom of the overlook but the beach is private and not accessible to the public.

Big Creek Bridge

The viewpoint of the Big Creek Bridge.

Big Creek Bridge is a quick, scenic stop and a viewpoint that overlooks a highway bridge. This is a great alternative to check out if you don’t have the time to drive to visit its larger version, the Bixby Creek Bridge more up north.

The Big Creek Bridge is 589 feet long and is made of giant concrete arches built into the canyon walls. There is a designated viewing area to take in the views.

McWay Falls

McWay Falls is best visited on a clear, sunny day.

If there is one place that you should see in Big Sur, it’s McWay Falls! This is one of the most scenic locations within Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

To visit this waterfall, you can park at the McWay Waterfall parking lot which costs $10 for day use. From there follow the short trail that goes through a tunnel and leads down to the shoreline. Take the pathway to the right that will take you to a viewing area of the jagged ocean rocks and McWay waterfall.

Due to erosion, part of this trail is closed now so you only have a small space to share with other visitors, view the waterfall, and take a few photos for memories.

Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground

Beautiful redwood groves at the Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, the Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground has a variety of scenic trails that travel amongst giant redwood trees. We stayed at this campground on a previous Big Sur trip and enjoyed that it offered different scenery besides beaches and oceanfront trails.

Read More: Staying At Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground Along California Coast

Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach is a great place to spend the afternoon if you don’t mind the hour’s drive from Kirk Creek Campground to get there. It costs $12 to visit Pfeiffer Beach and there is a designated day-use area that includes a paved parking lot, restrooms, and access to a trail that leads down to the shoreline.

Keyhole Arch rock formation

Pfeiffer Beach consists of jagged rocks and a long strand of beach that continues along the northern shore. The most popular rock formation here is called the Keyhole Arch which is essentially a large opening at the center of the rock where waves and ocean water can wash through.

Beautiful picnic area at our campsite in Big Sur.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend than camping out on the stunning Big Sur Coastline! With amazing beaches, hiking trails, and picture-perfect campsites, it’s the perfect place to unplug and relax away from busy city life.

FAQs On Staying At Kirk Creek Campground

To help you more with trip planning, here are some frequently asked questions about staying at Kirk Creek Campground:

How Do I Get a Reservation At Kirk Creek Campground?

The campgrounds in Big Sur are always in high demand, especially in the summer season. If you’re planning a Big Sur camping trip, we recommend booking them as soon as they become available!

To reserve Kirk Creek Campground, you can head over to You can enter the check-in date and easily browse through the campsite list to see what is available.

Are Fires Allowed At Kirk Creek Campground?

Yes, fires are allowed at Kirk Creek Campground, as long as there are no fire restrictions in California. Each campsite comes with a fire ring where you can make a campfire.

We recommend bringing fire starters that can help get a campfire going in the wet coastal conditions and camping popcorn that is so fun to make!

Are Dogs Allowed At Kirk Creek Campground?

If you’re thinking about bringing along your four-legged friend, you’ll be happy to know that dogs are allowed at Kirk Creek Campground. Keep in mind that they do need to be leashed and supervised at all times.

We always bring our dog along on road trips to Big Sur. There are plenty of places that allow dogs in Big Sur including Pfeiffer Beach, Sand Dollar Beach, and Salmon Creek Falls Trail.

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