How To Fly For Free Anywhere In The US

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spirit airlines penny fare

Spirit is one of the most affordable airlines for budget travelers. If you’re anything like me and like to save money whenever you can, this article is for you. I discovered Spirit Airlines when I moved out to Portland in 2016 and was searching for cheap flights to visit my family and friends in Los Angeles. Most people that have … Read More

How To Create A Travel Budget

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One of the most asked questions I get is “How do you afford to travel?” And while there is no simple answer like a trust fund or winning the lottery that miraculously lets me travel the world, the answer mostly depends on saving as much as I can while spending the least amount. In my previous article How To Afford … Read More

How To Move And Make Money Abroad

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Rent is getting higher and higher in the United States and more than ever US citizens are looking for housing outside of the US borders. Many young people are adopting to the “van life” model, traveling abroad, or searching for digital nomad jobs online that give them the freedom to live anywhere they want. The old “American Dream” of owning … Read More