Guide To Visiting Wind Caves In Logan, Utah

Wind Caves Logan Utah

The stunning Wind Cave formations are one of the best sights to visit in northern Utah. These unique limestone caves are located on top of a hillside and can only be accessed by hiking a 4-mile-long out-and-back trail.

If you are planning a trip down the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway in Utah, the Wind Caves is a must-see location along this route.

In our guide below we cover where the Wind Caves Trail is located, how long it takes to do the hike, what to expect, and other helpful tips!

Here is all you need to know for visiting Wind Caves in Logan, Utah:

Wind Caves Trail

What Are The Wind Caves

The Wind Caves are natural formations made of limestone deposits that have dissolved over the years leaving three natural arches in their place. Unlike the name indicates, Wind Caves are the result of water erosion – not from the wind.

Wind Caves

There are multiple caves along the Logan Canyon Drive but Wind Caves are the most picturesque ones in this region.

These caves have also been nicknamed “Witches’ Castle” after an old tale. According to this tale, a witch sometimes appears in Logan Canyon scaring people and messing with their cars.

How To Visit The Wind Caves

The Wind Caves is a very popular place to visit but the only way to access the caves is by hiking a 2-mile long trail (each way).

The Wind Caves Trail is a moderate hike that gains around 1000 feet in elevation.

The hike itself is very straight forward and follows a narrow path that climbs up steady switchbacks all the way to the caves.

This is a busy trail and it often gets crowded, especially for sunset when the weather starts cooling down.

Despite the steep elevation gain, the trail is family-friendly. During my visit, I saw people and kids of all ages doing the hike. I even brought my one-year-old dog along and we just took frequent breaks along the trail when he (or mostly I) needed to rest.  

The trail does have some drop-offs and loose rocks so it can be more challenging for very small kids or people with joint issues, especially coming down. Use caution and take your time when hiking the Wind Caves Trail.

Logan Canyon

Best Time To Go

The best time to visit Wind Caves is in fall to experience fall foliage along Logan Canyon.

I hiked the Wind Caves Trail in late September and this entire region was covered in beautiful yellow, orange, and red trees.

Beautiful fall colors along the trail

Spring is another wonderful time to hike the Wind Caves Trail because the weather is not too hot yet and you might experience seeing wildflowers along the way. However, in spring this trail can be a bit icy or muddy from snowmelt.

Logan Canyon in Utah is home to many rare wildflowers and plants that are not found anywhere else in the world like Maguire’s primrose, Frank Smith violet, and Logan buckwheat. Because many of these plants are endangered please stay on the main trail during your visit.

If you plan to hike the Wind Cave Trail in the summer do note that it can get very hot in the canyon. The first part of the trail is partially shaded with trees but the second part is open and exposed to the sun.

Before heading out on the trail make sure to bring along:

Where Is The Wind Cave Trail Located

The Wind Caves Trail is located along Logan Canyon/Highway 89 in Utah.

The trailhead is located only 10 minutes into the canyon coming from the west entrance in Logan City.

Thankfully the Wind Caves Trail isn’t too far into the canyon so you don’t have to drive for long on windy and dangerous canyon roads before you reach the trailhead.

Wind Cave Trailhead

I hiked the trail in the afternoon so I could finish up the hike and leave before the sun went down. This canyon has a lot of sharp turns and accidents do happen so drive with extra caution, especially at night.

There is some parking along Highway 89 for hikers but it is very limited.

I visited Wind Caves in late September and was able to find a spot near the trailhead. In the summer months and on the weekends it does get very busy.

Address: Wind Caves, Logan, UT 84341

Wind Cave limestone formations

What To Expect

The Wind Caves Trail starts at a designated trailhead next to Highway 89/Logan Canyon Scenic Byway. After parking, you can head directly to the trailhead for some information on the Wind Caves and how they were formed.

Wind Caves Trail Map

The Wind Caves Trail is straight forward and follows a path that leads directly to the caves.

The trail is very narrow but has enough space to pass other people coming back down.

Note: There are a few misleading side trails that people have created by trying to find short cuts. I had to reference Maps.Me hiking app a couple of times to make sure I was still going the right way after accidentally going on a detour into side trails that would abruptly end.

I started the hike at around 3 pm once the weather started to cool down. Sunset lighting is always best for landscape photography but for this trail, my goal was to get out of the canyon before it got too dark.

Views of Logan Canyon

I thought I would be the last person heading out on the trail at this time but there were lots of other people that came after me. Wind Caves look gorgeous at golden hour making it quite the popular trail to hike for sunset.

Keep In Mind: Once the sun goes down it gets very chilly at Logan Canyon. If you plan to hike this trail late in the evening make sure to bring a jacket so you don’t get stranded in the wilderness in cold weather.

The trail itself is short going only 2 miles each direction but it does gain around 1000 feet in elevation.

The trail consists of nonstop switchbacks that consistently climb up to the caves.

The hike is moderately difficult but you can start seeing the cave formations as you go along the trail giving you that extra boost and motivation to finish up the hike. There are some loose rocks and steep drop-offs along the trail so make sure to wear good hiking shoes to avoid slips and falls.

Pssst! My favorite hiking shoes are Merrell Mix Master 3. They are slip-resistant and lightweight – perfect for quick day adventures!

Logan Canyon

The best part of this hike were the sweeping panoramic views of Logan Canyon as you near the top.

Once you reach the caves you can walk into them but do watch your step because the caves are located at the edge of a cliff sloping downwards. I had my dog with me so I mostly stayed by the cave entrance because I felt a bit intimidated letting him go close to the edge.

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View from the caves

There are a total of three limestone formations at Wind Caves. One of the openings faces directly out into Logan Canyon and the other opening serves as a skylight at the top. There is another cave formation on the inside giving hikers a place to hang out and rest.

After exploring Wind Caves I took the same trail back down. It was much faster and easier heading back since the trail climbs down the entire way.

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