Top Things To See In Mexico City

Just a few hours south of the US lies Mexico City, one of the largest Metropolitan cities in the world and a city filled with rich history, culture, and art.

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The monument is made of a huge dome supported by four large pillars that stand strong just as Mexico did during its revolution.

Monument to the Revolution

(Monumento a la Revolución)

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The Palace of Fine Arts is an elaborately built, large white building with a beautiful dome on top in bright red, yellow, and orange colors.

Palace of Fine Arts

(Palacio de Bellas Artes)

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Metropolitan Cathedral, located in the middle of the Historical Center, is unique not only because it’s the largest cathedral in the Americas, but it’s also built on top of old Aztec ruins.

Metropolitan Cathedral

(Catedral Metropolitana)

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At this museum, you will find exhibits from old medicine like healing herbs, to an embryo exhibit showing preserved human embryos during different stages of pregnancy, to body parts covered in wax.

Museum of Mexican Medicine

(Museo de La Medicina Mexicana)

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The museum mostly showcases art pieces from the 16th-20th century, but unlike most museums in the Historical Center, it is not free.

National Museum of Art

(Museo Nacional de Arte)

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Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail