8 Must-Visit Road To Hana Stops In Maui, Hawaii

Dramatic coastlines, black sand beaches, jungle forests, and jaw-dropping waterfalls – it’s no wonder why Maui is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Don’t stress anymore about research because we got you covered on what to expect, what to pack and we dish out tons of tips from our personal experience to make the best of your time on the Hana Highway road trip

Twin Falls Maui Waterfall

The Twin Falls Maui Waterfall is located on a private farm that is open to visitors. There is a large designated parking lot for hikers in front of the Twin Falls Maui Farm Stand which is a charming little stand selling fruit, juices, and smoothies.


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Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

The Maui Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees are made of many different colors due to peeling tree bark. The green layers are the newest ones while the maroon, orange, and red are the oldest layers.


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Aunty Sandy’s Banana Bread

The banana bread loaves cost $7 and simply melt in your mouth. If you’re extra hungry, you can also order sandwiches, soups, and hot dogs from this local food stand.


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Kopiliula Falls

Kopiliula Falls was an unexpectedly stunning waterfall along the Road to Hana drive. This is not a popular stop and is easy to miss if you’re not keeping an eye out for it.


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Hāna Farms Roadside Stand & Restaurant

If you’re looking for a convenient spot to grab food along the Road to Hana drive, The Bamboo Hale at Hāna Farms is a roadside restaurant making it easy for visitors to stop for lunch.


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