How To Visit Gorner Gorge In Zermatt

It’s no secret that Zermatt is one of the best destinations in Switzerland for outdoor activities.

This unique natural attraction consists of a towering glacier-carved canyon, waterfalls, and a blue river that flows at the center of it.

Gorner Gorge Ticket Price & Opening Hours

The tickets to visit Gorner Gorge cost only 5 Swiss Franc (CHF). This is very cheap compared to some of the other activities that we did in Zermatt.

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Gorner Gorge Location

While most attractions in Zermatt require a train, gondola, or a funnicular to reach them, you can easily walk to Gorner Gorge on foot.

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About Gorner Gorge

The Gorner Gorge was built in 1886-1887 by two German families so tourists could access this glacier-carved canyon.

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Our Experience Visiting Gorner Gorge

During our visit, we only saw a handful of people at the gorge which was so nice after battling crowds at Gornergrat and 5 Lakes Trail.

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