10 Best Minivan Camper Conversions For Hitting The Road

Photos by @timelessmetalcraft

A minivan is the perfect road trip vehicle if you need something smaller, more fuel-efficient, and budget-friendly.

But setting up a home on wheels in such a small space can require some creative solutions. To get you inspired, here are 10 of the best minivan camper conversions!

Photos by @caddyvantures

Here are 10 of the best minivan camper conversions!

Photos by @oasiscampervans

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Road Loft Instant Minivan Camper Conversion Kit

The kit only takes 5 minutes to set up – so whether you’re a full-time minivan dweller or just taking a road trip, you can have a decked-out build in no time.

Photos by @roadloft

Dashed Trail

Pam The Van

It has plenty of storage, a kitchen, a bed that pulls out from a bench, and even little details like a bookshelf and fairy lights to make the conversion feel special.

Photo by @wildshegoes91

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Mini Yet Mighty Camper Conversion

Michelle and Gabor made a Mini Yet Mighty conversion for their minivan that they use mainly for weekend camping and road trips.

Photo by @miniyetmighty

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Dashed Trail

Photos by @caddyvantures

Dashed Trail


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