Hiking Twin Falls Maui Waterfall Along The Road To Hana In Hawaii

twin falls Maui

Twin Falls Maui is an epic waterfall adventure nestled deep in the jungle of East Maui, Hawaii. Jaw-dropping waterfalls, lush scenery, colorful plants, and multiple stream crossings are just a few of the things that you can expect to experience along this trail.

Easily accessible from the popular Hana Highway, visiting Twin Falls is the perfect way to kick off your Road To Hana day trip!

In this post, we share details for hiking one of Maui’s most incredible waterfalls, what to expect, trail difficulty, and other tips to get the most out of your visit.

Quick Trail Overview

Before we get into the details, here is a quick overview of the Twin Falls Maui Trail:

  • Length: 1.8 miles out and back
  • Elevation gain: 350 feet
  • Trail difficulty: Easy
  • Time needed: 1-2 hours
  • Dogs allowed? Yes

Location & Parking

Twin Falls Waterfall is located along the stunning Road to Hana drive in East Maui. There are many waterfalls that you can visit along the Hana Highway but Twin Falls is one of the first ones along this route so many people stop here at the beginning of their road trips.

Tip: Head out extra early to start ahead of the crowds and get the best parking spots available! Most travelers drive the Road to Hana stretch at a very similar pace so you’ll see the same people over and over again.

Twin Falls Trailhead

Twin Falls is located a 45-minute drive from Kihei City. You can also turn it into a fun afternoon adventure if you don’t plan to drive the rest of the Hana Highway (which I recommend you do – because it’s one of the most incredible roads in the world!).

Our only regret was not splitting our Road to Hana itinerary into multiple days. We rushed this and many other hikes to squeeze as many attractions as we could into one day. Realistically you just can’t see it all and you will have to pick and choose which hikes you want to do. Thankfully this one was a huge hit with everyone in our group and we all wished we could have spent more time here!

First of the two waterfalls along the Twin Falls Hike

If you’re using Google Maps for navigation, you can put in “Twin Falls Maui Waterfall” and it will direct you to the visitor parking lot.

There are two waterfalls here and both are situated on a private property that is open to the public. Once you arrive you will see a large dirt parking lot where visitors and hikers can park their cars but this parking lot can fill up quickly.

Twin Falls Parking Lot

We started the hike at around 8:30 am and there were still some spots left. By the time we returned, the parking lot was full and we could see the disappointed faces of everyone that were being turned away.

Despite the parking lot being packed, the trail itself was not. There was plenty of space for everyone to spread out and feel submerged into a remote jungle trail.

Address: Twin Falls Maui Waterfall, 6300 Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708

Know Before You Go

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind before you head out on the trail:

  • The weather in Maui is mostly hot and humid. Wear clothing that is light and easy to layer.
  • You will be trekking across muddy, wet terrain. It’s best to wear water shoes or hiking sandals to avoid accidentally slipping and falling. I thought I would be ok in my converses but my feet were soaked and completely covered in mud by the end of the hike.
  • Wear your bathing suit! Nothing feels better than cooling off in a waterfall after hiking there so don’t forget to bring your swimwear. I recommend already wearing one instead of changing at the waterfall because you won’t have any privacy once you get there.
  • There is no reception in Maui once you leave the city areas. I recommend downloading an offline hiking app like Maps.Me or AllTrails in case you need to reference the hiking route.
  • There are several porta-potties at the beginning of the trail that work on a donation basis. I always bring my own travel toilet paper and hand sanitizer in case they don’t have any in the visitor bathrooms.

Twin Falls Maui Trail Description

Twin Falls is a relatively easy, straightforward 1.8-mile-long hiking trail in Maui that leads to two different waterfalls. You don’t need any special gear to hike this trail and it is doable for most people of all ages.

To reach the start of the trail, park in the main lot and walk through the gate next to the Twin Falls Maui Farm Stand. This is a cute local snack stand where you can purchase fruit, juices, and smoothies.

Twin Falls Maui Farm Stand

The hike will begin in a wide, flat path surrounded by jungle plants and flowers.

Twin Falls Trail

The first waterfall is just 0.2 miles into the trail to the left and if you’re not specifically looking for it, it’s easy to pass. We did miss it on the way in but we were able to stop by this waterfall on the way out.

There is a viewpoint that overlooks this waterfall but for the best views, you will need to climb down a steep side trail (be careful – it’s very slippery!).

Side trail to the first waterfall

During the climb down one person in our group slipped and hit their knee on the rocks at the bottom. The second waterfall is much easier to access so if you don’t want to risk injuring yourself, keep going along the main trail.

If you make it down this side trail, you will need to cross a creek and walk through overgrown trees to access the waterfall. But because this waterfall is more hidden, you might even find it completely empty!

The shore at this waterfall is covered in round pebbles and giant rocks. Getting in can be challenging but it’s a great place to cool down.

Once you’re ready to continue on, make your way back to the main trail. Shortly after, you will reach a wide river crossing. To cross this river you might need to get your feet wet, depending on the water level.

River crossing along the trail
Bridge that was closed for access during our visit

The rest of the trail continues through an overgrown, lush jungle. The trail is marked with many “private property” signs. Keep in mind that this is a working farm with residents that live here so keep out of any closed-off areas.

There will be one more river crossing before you reach the main waterfall. Twin Falls is located right after this bridge crossing up the stream so you’ll start getting a glimpse of the waterfall from here.

Once you reach the second waterfall the views are just stunning all around. The trail ends at the main Twin Falls waterfall which looks surreal surrounded by a dense jungle.

Twin Falls consists of a tall tier that plunges into a large pool below it.

Don’t forget to bring a bathing suit and jump in for a swim in this easily accessible pool!  We didn’t know that swimming here is allowed so we didn’t come prepared and missed out on this amazing experience.

Twin Falls is just incredible and the perfect spot to spend a couple of hours (if you have the time to spare unless you’re in a rush to see more of the Road to Hana stops). Once you’re ready to return, you can turn around and head back the same way that you came.

A Few Visitor Tips:

  • You will see many beautiful plants and fruit along this trail but refrain from touching, picking, or taking any.
  • While you may be tempted to jump into the waterfalls from a cliff, it’s not safe to do so here. Several people have lost their lives at this location from cliff jumping into the pools or accidentally slipping and falling in. Jumping into unexpectedly shallow waters in Hawaii often leads to injuries and fatalities. It’s always best to prioritize the safety of yourself and those around you.
  • There are many invasive species like fire ants that can be found in this area. Keep an eye out for any signs and stay on the main trail to prevent the spreading of these species.
  • Twin Falls Maui Waterfalls are located on a private farm. Please be respectful of the people living and working here. There are many “Private” signs – stick to the main trail and don’t go off the route.
  • It is free to visit Twin Falls but you can support the locals who have kindly opened up their land to visitors by buying something from the Twin Falls Farm Stand, booking a farm tour when offered, or contributing a donation to the bathroom fund.

Where To Stay

The two main hotel areas in Maui are called Kihei and Lahaina. During our 10 day Maui trip we stayed in different sections of the island so we got to know both of these areas.

If you plan to visit Twin Falls Maui Waterfall and drive the Road to Hana, the best city to stay at is Kihei which is only a 45-minute drive from the trailhead. If you plan to stay in Lahaina, it’s over an hour’s drive from the trail so plan accordingly and leave very early.  

For Kihei vacation rentals, I recommend the Koa Resort. We stayed here for 5 days and really enjoyed it. Koa Resort has a wonderful pool, a hot tub, and beautiful property that consists of many spacious rental apartments.


Check out Koa Resort and book it on VRBO here!

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