30 Must-Have Travel Necessities In 2024

Travel Necessities

Are you getting ready for your next adventure? Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a longer journey, it’s so important to pack the right travel necessities to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip!

There’s also a good chance that you’ll forget a few essentials. As a seasoned traveler and a full-time travel blogger, I should know from my personal experience (believe me – there is always that one item that I forget to pack no matter how much prep I do. It happens to us all!)

From practical items like packing cubes and comfortable travel pillows to must-have tech gadgets and personal care items, here are 30 travel necessities to bring on your next adventure.

In this post, I share a few of my favorite travel items to help you stay organized, comfortable, and connected so you can travel like a pro. Let’s get started!

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30 Must-Have Travel Necessities For Your Next Adventure:

1. REI Expandable Packing Cubes

Keep everything organized with REI’s sturdy packing cubes. Each set comes with three different-sized containers so you can fit all your travel necessities. The fabric is made from ripstop nylon with a durable water-repellent layer.

The top mesh allows you to see inside while the top and side handles make it simple to open, close, and expand the cubes.

Expandable Packing Cubes on REI

2. Anker Portable Charger

Slim in size yet big in power, the Anker portable phone charger features a 10,000 mAH battery and a USB-C port for various devices. This sturdy, scratch-resistant, and powerful charger will keep your devices charged and ready to go on any trip!

A power bank can come in handy in case your phone runs out of battery and you need to use it to look up your hotel location, driving directions, or places to eat. Having a fully charged phone while traveling always gives me a bit of peace of mind!

Anker Portable Charger on Amazon

3. Away Passport Wallet

International travel requires you to have important documents within easy access. Made with premium leather, Away’s passport holder is sleek and easily tucks into your pocket or backpack.

It also has an external slip pocket for quick access to your travel documents, and small items like cards, and cash. Be sure to keep a mix of cash and credit cards for various situations during your travels!

See Away Passport Wallet here

4. EPICKA Universal Travel Adaptor

The EPICKA Universal Travel Adaptor is all you’ll ever need for charging your electronics! This universal adaptor works with power outlets in 150 countries worldwide so it’s one less thing to worry about when traveling.

With 4 USB ports, 1 USB type C port, and 1 AC socket, you can quickly charge up to six devices simultaneously.

EPICKA Travel Adaptor on Amazon

5. Away Bigger Carry-On Hardshell Suitcase

Away Bigger travel carry-on bag can go anywhere you can! It boasts a tough polycarbonate hard shell, leather accents, and a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved lock for additional security.

Load more into your suitcase and roll it easily wherever you go! A concealed wash bag is also included to keep your dirty laundry separate from clean clothes.

Carry-on Suitcase on Away

6. BAGSMART Travel Cable Organizer

Nowadays we’ve got gadgets galore — smartphones, laptops, digital cameras, e-book readers, and other electronic devices. Avoid getting cables tangled in your travel bag and keep everything neat & tidy with this travel cable organizer on your next trip.

It has a zipper pocket for your battery pack, elastic straps for your cables, and pockets for SD cards. Water-repellent nylon keeps all your charging devices protected while the elegant design and compartments make it a stylish and versatile travel accessory to have in today’s modern world. 

BAGSMART Travel Cable Organizer

7. The North Face Recon Pack

Are you getting ready for an outdoor adventure or looking for a durable carry-on travel backpack? Meet your new best friend — the North Face Recon Pack!

The polyester exterior and nylon interior make it a sturdy and durable pack that can keep up with you wherever you go. Multiple pockets keep your things organized and within easy reach – on the plane or the trail.

The North Face Recon Pack on REI

8. Sea to Summit Toiletry Bag

Everyone may need a toiletry bag but not all travel bags are made to last. The Sea to Summit toiletry bag is lightweight and compact yet will last you for years! Water-resistant, durable, and practical, this bag makes getting ready in a new place easier and more enjoyable.

The hook on the flap cover lets you hang it easily, while its roomy compartment and additional zipper pockets ensure you have space for all your personal care and beauty products such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Be sure to get travel-sized containers to save space!

Sea to Summit Toiletry Bag on REI

Exploring the colorful streets in Salento, Colombia.

9. Gemice Travel Toiletry Bottles

With the Gemice travel bottles, you’ll never have to worry about taking up too much space while packing again! TSA-approved and featuring carrying capacities within the allowable limits for airline carry-ons, each toiletry set comes with colorful, leak-proof silicone bottles.

Unscrew the bottles for easy refilling, then use the toiletries with a handy no-drip valve during your trip. With these travel bottles, you can bring along all of your favorite products and lotions.

Gemice Toiletry Travel Bottles on Amazon

10. Philips One Rechargeable Travel Toothbrush

Enjoy the comforts of home even when you’re far away with the Sonicare Rechargeable Travel Toothbrush. With its sleek appearance, compact charging, and travel case, the soft nylon bristles give you a thorough clean every time.

Each charge can last for up to 30 days. It also has a 2-minute timer and 30-second reminders to help you ensure that you brush for long enough!

See Philips One Travel Toothbrush here

11. No Rinse Bathing Wipes

Whether you’re hiking, camping, or traveling on a plane for an extended time, you won’t always be able to shower. No Rinse Bathing Wipes can help you stay clean and feel refreshed on the go.

They’re premoistened and enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera to soothe and hydrate the skin  — no water necessary! You can even pop them in the microwave for a warm and refreshing feel.

See No Rinse Bathing Wipes on REI

12. Rainleaf Microfiber Travel Towel

Compact, lightweight, quick-drying, and super absorbent, the Rainleaf microfiber towel is perfect for traveling. Microfiber towels are super soft and able to absorb water quickly making them great for any setting from a quick shower at a hostel to drying off after a swim at the beach.

These towels come in different sizes from extra small to XX-large sizes including 11 attractive colors. After getting a Rainleaf Microfiber Travel Towel, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one!

Rainleaf Microfiber Travel Towel on Amazon

13. Hydro Flask Vacuum Water Bottle

Hydro Flask tumblers are extremely popular these days and it’s easy to see why! The Hydro Flask vacuum reusable water bottle comes in several eye-catching shades, can hold 32 ounces of liquid, and features double-walled insulation so your drinks stay hot or cold for hours.

Having a Hydro Flask is essential for staying hydrated on the go. Not only will it save you money on bottled water, but it’s also better for the environment since you can use the same bottle for many different drinks like coffee, tea, and even wine! Plus, it’s very easy to clean and doesn’t keep a scent from previous drinks.

Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth Bottle on REI

14. Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets

Getting sick while traveling is many people’s worst nightmare. Whether you’re in a new city or are out in the wilderness, Potable Aqua water purification tablets can come to your rescue. Simply add two tablets to a liter or quart of water, wait five minutes, shake the container, wait for 30 minutes, and you’ll have safe, drinking water!

Each package comes with two bottles and each bottle has 50 tablets each – so these will last you a while. A dose of Potable Aqua can kill harmful bacteria ensuring that you’ll always have access to potable water, no matter where you travel.

Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets

15. Liquid I.V. Hydration Powder Packets

It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’ve been on a plane for hours, are out exploring new places, or are battling an illness like food poisoning or a cold while traveling. Liquid I.V. Hydration Powder Packets offer easy rehydration when you’re on the move!

Just open one of the 16 stick packs, mix it with water, and the lemon-flavored, electrolyte-packed contents will help restore your hydration levels.

Better than water, Liquid I.V. has been used in hospitals, disaster areas, and impoverished communities around the world. When you purchase a pack, one serving is donated to someone in the world who needs it.

See Liquid I.V. Hydration Packets here

16. MLVOC Travel Pillow

If you’ve ever traveled for long hours on an international trip, you know how uncomfortable it can be to sleep in a rigid seated position like a plane or a car. The ergonomic MLVOC travel pillow can help you prevent discomfort and get more restful sleep so you can arrive at a new location feeling refreshed and ready to go!

This lightweight pillow is made of memory foam, providing extra support and preventing neck strain. It’s machine washable so you can easily wash it in between trips and enjoy it as good as new when you need it.

See MLVOC Travel Pillow on Amazon

17. Chaco Ramble Puff Slippers

Chaco Ramble Puff Slippers are a great option if you’re big on comfort and durability. These water-resistant slippers have a soft quilted design that’s sturdy enough to withstand daily use. Plus, they’re lightweight and compact so they’re easy to pack and bring out whenever you need them.

You can wear these super comfortable shoes around the city or while camping. They will keep your feet dry and are easy to put on and take off!

Chaco Ramble Puff Slippers on REI

18. Airplane Foot Hammock

Whether you’re in a car, train, or plane, be the savviest traveler around with the airplane foot hammock from Basic Concepts. Just attach it to any hook, adjust the straps, put your feet up, and relax – such a nice perk on longer trips!

Being able to elevate your feet is known to improve blood flow, alleviate swelling, relieve joint stiffness, and ease back aches. Featuring extra padding for comfort and support, you’ll be traveling first class all the way!

Airplane Foot Hammock on Amazon

19. Sockwell Circulator Compression Socks

Sitting for long periods can cause problems in circulation. This pair from Sockwell will prevent clots in your legs and feet by stopping swelling and improving circulation.

These compression socks also help with muscle fatigue and soreness after long days on your feet. Made of wool, nylon, bamboo, and spandex, these socks are snug and made of odor-resistant quick-dry fabric that wicks moisture away.

Sockwell Circulator Compression Socks on REI

20. Manta Sleep Mask

Have you ever tried to catch some sleep on a long flight, but just can’t seem to get comfortable no matter what you do? A sleeping mask might be just what you need to help you get some much-needed rest on air travel!

I love the Manta Sleep Mask because it features 100% blackout fabric, adjustable eyecups, and no-pinch elastic making it the perfect choice for an airplane or catching up with sleep at home.

This mask is breathable and has an adjustable strap so you won’t wake up with a headache or uncomfortable pressure on your eyes. As a nice bonus, it also comes with earplugs and a washable case!

See Manta Sleep Mask on Amazon

Hand of the Desert is one of the most beautiful places in South America!

21. Crossbody Camera Bag

When you’re traveling, all your essentials — money, passport, credit cards, keys, and smartphone, need to be secure and within easy reach. Because of this, the Crossbody Camera Bag by Lululemon is the ultimate travel essential!

Available in several colors, it provides convenient yet secure storage with its water-repellent fabric and adjustable strap. Keep this crossbody bag closely around your body and leave your hands free to experience and enjoy new places.

Crossbody Camera Bag on Lululemon

22. Smartwool Classic Base Layer

Traveling somewhere chilly or looking for something to keep you cozy on a flight? Then, you’ll need the Smartwool Classic Base Layer to help regulate your body temperature while wicking away sweat.

This base layer is made with 100% merino wool, so it’s very soft, breathable, and naturally resistant to odors so you’re able to wear it on any type of adventure.

Its raglan sleeves are designed for more comfortable wear under backpack straps while the smooth merrow stitching runs from side to front for a flattering silhouette. Plus, it’s very durable, easy to take care of, and will last you for years!

Smartwool Classic Merino Base Layer

23. Kindle Oasis e-Reader

Having a book in tow can make a trip more pleasant and help the time pass on long flights, buses, and trains, or help to relax at the end of the day. With the Kindle Oasis e-Reader, you can take thousands of books along without them weighing more than a few ounces.

One of Amazon’s newest Kindle models, the Oasis features a 7-inch display and a light, ergonomic design that is easy to hold even for extended periods. Plus, it’s waterproof and offers access to books on Amazon that you can purchase with a single click.

I love my Kindle and bring it with me everywhere I go for easy entertainment on the road that doesn’t require an internet connection!

Kindle Oasis on Amazon

24. HOMEST 2-Pack Laundry Bag

Whenever you’re going out of town, one thing’s for certain – there’ll be dirty clothes that you can’t always wash on the go. That’s why you need this 2-pack laundry bag to keep the dirty laundry separate from the clean clothes. Made from double-stitched, extra-thick nylon, it’s available in several shades and color combos.

Go beyond your hotel’s free laundry bag or a plastic bag from home. Get an attractive and durable upgrade with the HOMEST 2-Pack Laundry Bag that will last you for years!

See HOMEST 2-Pack Laundry Bag here

25. TOAKS Titanium 3-Piece Cutlery Set

The TOAKS titanium 3-piece cutlery set is a must-have travel necessity when you’re camping, traveling, or just prefer to bring your silverware.

This set comes with a spoon, a fork, and a bread knife that be conveniently latched onto a carabiner hook for easy storage and access so you won’t lose them in your pack.

With a compact, lightweight design this set won’t take up much space and is great for the planet by reducing plastic use at take-out restaurants!

TOAKS Titanium 3-Piece Cutlery Set

26. Off Piste Travel Journal

What’s the best way to remember your travels? By taking lots of photographs and chronicling your journeys with this travel journal by Off Piste!

The journal is beautifully bound with a deep green front and back cover. Each notebook has 96 leaves of quality, thick paper. It features six sections for itineraries, budgets, packing lists, and more so you can document all of your experiences.

I’ve kept travel journals for years now and they can bring me back to a moment like nothing else can. Never miss a thought, memory, or idea again with this gorgeous travel journal!

Off Piste Travel Journal

27. Scarf With a Hidden Zipper Pocket

The ELZAMA Infinity Loop Scarf is a must-have for any traveler. This scarf is made of 100% polyester, making it stylish and easy to wash. It also features a hidden zipper so you can store small personal items in the pocket, keeping them handy and secure!

The secret zipper pocket is located on the inside of the scarf, so it’s discreet and won’t weigh you down. This is the perfect travel essential that will also keep you warm in chilly weather.

ELZAMA Scarf With Hidden Zipper Pocket

28. OLLY Travel Pouch Gummy Vitamins

When you’re on the road, it can be challenging to maintain good health and immunity. Traveling from place to place can be exhausting and stressful on your mind & body leading to feeling tired or sick. That’s why you need Olly’s travel pouch gummy vitamins!

Convenient and yummy, these gummies are packed with vitamin C, elderberry, and a unique blend that’s designed to strengthen your immunity. Each package contains eight resealable pouches that you can grab and go as necessary.

OLLY Travel Pouch Gummy Vitamins

29. Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera

If you’re looking to step up your photography game, you will love the Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera! Despite being small and lightweight, it can take photos with a 24.2-megapixel resolution and features a 35-millimeter full-frame image sensor to create high-quality professional images.

Capture up to 11 frames per second of continuous shooting to create beautiful photos on the go. All in all, this beginner camera is a great step up from an iPhone while being an affordable option for those interested in trying out photography.

Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Camera

30. United by Blue Straw Kit

Sip your drinks the eco-friendly way with the straw set from United by Blue. The navy blue wraparound travel case is made with 100% recycled polyester. Each set comes with 2 stainless steel straws (perfect for sharing!), a silicone straw tip, and a straw cleaner.

With every product sold, the company pledges to extract a pound of trash from oceans and other bodies of water.

United by Blue Straw Kit

Hiking amongst tall palm trees in Valle De Cocora.

Going on a trip is exciting, but packing and prepping for it is less so. With this travel essentials list, you’ll be ready for any adventure in no time!

So, order your favorite travel items on our list, pack your bags, and make beautiful memories. You’ll be the savviest, most well-organized, and most comfortable traveler wherever you go!

FAQs On Travel Necessities

Before you set out on your adventure, here are a few other handy travel tips and frequently asked questions on travel necessities:

What Not To Forget Before Traveling?

Before your flight or road trip, be sure to go through a checklist and make sure that you have everything packed and ready to go. If you forget to bring something – don’t worry too much! You can purchase just about anything at the airport or when you arrive.

Here are a few things that you don’t want to forget:

  • Important travel documents such as a passport, driver’s license, and in some cases vaccination or immunization proof. Check if your passport and driver’s license are close to the expiration date and renew them well before your trip. I also like to upload copies of travel documents somewhere I can easily access them (such as Google Drive or email) if they get stolen or lost.
  • Money and credit cards. Be sure to bring some cash and a couple of credit cards if there are issues on the road (like the bank suspending the card from not recognizing transactions in new places).
  • Family contact information. Memorize at least one phone number before your trip in case something happens to your phone. You can also share your phone’s location with a family member or friend to keep them in the loop with your travel plans – an especially useful tip for solo travelers.
  • Travel insurance. When traveling, things can (and do) go wrong all the time. Consider purchasing travel insurance to protect yourself from unexpected events like lost luggage or trip cancellations.

Best Travel Essentials For Long Flights

Long flights can be tough and uncomfortable if you are not prepared for them. Here are a few must-have travel essentials that will change the way you fly:

  • Entertainment such as movies and books. Boredom makes the time pass extra slowly. Before any flight, I download a few Netflix movies on my phone and a new book on my Kindle. While some airlines have TVs built into the seats, it’s not always guaranteed, especially on local flights. Plus, airline movie selection is often limited and outdated.  
  • Noise-canceling headphones. Headphones can be a lifesaver on long flights, helping you block out background noise and get some much-needed sleep.
  • Reusable water bottle. Flying can make you feel extra dehydrated from the dry airplane air. I like to bring an empty water bottle that I can fill up before getting on the flight – which will save you money too!
  • A few comfort items such as a travel pillow, sleep mask, and compression socks.

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This post is written by Laura Sausina. Hi, I’m the founder of the Fun Life Crisis travel blog and I’ve been traveling the world for the past 7 years. Here I share my experiences and tips to help 100,000 people a month turn their travel dreams into reality! Read more about me here.

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