Visiting Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal In Colombia

Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal In Colombia

Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal is one of the most incredible things to see and do in Colombia. While Santa Rosa De Cabal hot springs are popular with locals, not many international travelers know about it making it a great hidden gem.

We stumbled upon Santa Rosa hot springs while traveling through Colombia in our campervan and looking for fun things to do on our Pan-American Highway road trip.

Located in the lush Colombian jungle this hot springs is like a little piece of paradise that you don’t want to miss!

In this post, I cover tips and things to know for visiting Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal in Colombia.

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Outdoor pool at Termales Santa Rosa de Cabal in Colombia.

About Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal

Santa Rosa De Cabal is an outdoor hot spring in Risalda, Colombia that is surrounded by a lush jungle and beautiful nature.

These hot springs were first discovered around 80 years ago by a local family that lived in the area. Since then a resort has been built around the hot springs to accommodate all the visitors that come to this destination.  

Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal outdoor spa now consists of multiple man-made pools with various temperatures. For a small entrance fee, visitors can soak and relax in mineral water flowing directly from the mountains.

Beautiful waterfalls at Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs.

Santa Rosa Thermal Spa is located on a large property with multiple waterfalls, rivers, scenic walkways, bridges, a hotel, a restaurant, and other guest amenities.

Visitors can also take a guided tour to learn more about the history and origins of these hot springs.

This beautiful Colombian spa is quite large so we recommend setting aside at least half a day to spend here and enjoy everything it has to offer.

From this area, you can also arrange tours to local coffee plantations, go bird watching, explore Los Nevados National Park and so much more!

Scenic walkways on the property.

Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal Location

Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal is located a bit out of the way from most major attractions in Colombia. It’s well worth a trip if you have the time and love visiting hidden gems!

The closest major attraction to Santa Rosa De Cabal is Salento and Cocora Valley, about 2 hours away. After exploring the Salento coffee region we made our way to Termales Santa Rosa de Cabal to spend the day here.

Outdoor hot pools with a view of Cascada Santa Helena.

Pereira City is one of the major cities closest to Santa Rosa hot springs, around 45 minutes from it.

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There is also a small town of Santa Rosa de Cabal closer to the hot springs that shares the same name. If you choose to stay in town you can catch a jeep or a minibus to the hot springs resort.

We had our Promaster Campervan with us so we drove to Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal and stayed the night in their parking lot. If you’re an overlander and plan to sleep there, make sure to check with the security guards for permission before you settle in for the night.

Relaxing in the beautiful outdoor thermal baths at the resort.

Before stealth camping at locations, we also check comments on the iOverlander app. Some people have mentioned that they were not allowed to camp at the Santa Rosa Thermal Spa parking lot and were asked to leave in the middle of the night. While we didn’t have any issues sleeping there, this can often depend on the security guard on duty.

If you don’t want to take that risk there is also a hotel on the property that you can stay at.

Check Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal Hotel availability here!

Best Time To Visit Santa Rosa Hot Springs

Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal is open daily from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm.

After spending the night in their parking lot we purchased entrance tickets the following morning right when the resort opened up to visitors.

If you’re coming here specifically to get photos, try to arrive as early as possible. Santa Rosa De Cabal hot springs are very popular for locals and can get crowded especially on the weekends and in the evenings.

Many people come here to hang out, soak in the pools, relax, and recharge. Balnearios (spas) are very social places in South America where locals bring their families to spend quality time together. Natural mineral water is also believed to have healing powers so many locals come to thermal spas to help with muscle pain, aches, and stress.

Termales Santa Rosa de Cabal Entrance Cost

The price to enter the Santa Rosa Hot Springs varies depending on different entrance time slots, day of the week, and 2-for-1 tickets. We paid 25,000 pesos (6 USD) per person at the entrance but I’ve heard others paying double or more.

The official entrance price on the Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal website is currently listed as 45,000 pesos (12 USD) for weekdays and 65,000 pesos (16 USD) for weekends. This is pretty low for all the amenities that they offer.

My Experience Visiting Santa Rosa De Cabal Hot Springs

We entered Santa Rosa De Cabal Hot Springs right after it opened at 9:00 am before the crowds started arriving for the day. While it was empty at first, more people started to arrive shortly after.  

After the entrance, we went on a short walk along a scenic river with waterfalls. This river starts at the 100-foot-tall Santa Helena waterfall and serves as a backdrop for the entire resort.

Hot Springs of Santa Rosa De Cabal is a beautiful tourist destination in Colombia.

There are lots of walking paths and bridges throughout the entire property. Visitors can even climb around on rocks to get up close to the waterfall but this area is very slippery from the waterfall rushing down the cliff.

Santa Helena waterfall.

The main area with pools is located to the right of the Santa Helena waterfall.

Termales Santa Rosa de Cabal has multiple large pools that visitors can relax in. These pools come in various shapes and different temperatures.

One pool even looks like a giant water fountain. At first, I thought it was purely decorative but later I saw plenty of people soaking in it too.

Outdoor hot spring pools at the resort.

Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal is very family-friendly and kiddos even have their own designated pool. The entrance prices are cheaper for kids than adults listed at 23,500 pesos (6 USD).

After soaking in the mineral pools we explored more of the property. There were lots of trails that led in many different directions.

The Santa Helena waterfall is fan-shaped and flows down in 5 smaller tiers that connect to a river.

One of my favorite places for photos was an outdoor shower at the back of the resort that was surrounded by beautiful arches and jungle plants.

Outdoor shower surrounded by a lush jungle.

After soaking in the mineral springs there was a designated area to take a shower and change clothes.

If you start getting hungry there is also an on-property restaurant and a bar selling food and drinks.

Termales Santa Rosa De Cabal truly offers everything to make your visit as enjoyable and relaxing as possible!

I hope this post has inspired you to add Termales Santa Rosa de Cabal to your Colombia bucket list!

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