16 Sprinter Van Conversions To Get You Excited For Van Life

Sprinter van conversions

Thinking of investing in a Sprinter van and looking to find ideas on what to do with the floor plan? You’ve come to the right place! The Mercedes Sprinter has been the most popular option for campervan conversions for decades, even before ‘van life’ became a well-known concept.

Sprinter vans are built with luxury in mind guaranteeing a smooth ride, are easy to maneuver around narrow streets, and offer many additional features that you can add during the purchase. Some extras include heated seats, a heated windshield, navigation, leather seats, blind spot assist, brake assist, and many more to make traveling and living in a van as comfortable as it gets.

The Sprinter cargo van and passenger van come in a 144” wheelbase, a 170” wheelbase, and a 170” extended wheelbase. The high roof model gives you about 6’5” of the standing room when empty.

Here are some of the best Sprinter van conversions to get you excited about your new build or to kickstart your dreams into a reality!

16 Best Sprinter Van Conversions:

1. Shaiden Valentine

Photos by shaidenvalentine.com

This Sprinter van conversion is one of the best custom builds I have seen yet! It has an earthy feel with darker-colored wood and black accents. The thoughtful lighting makes the space feel very relaxed.

Most vans have a bed in the back with the bathroom in the front or the middle. However, Shaiden built the shower, Cinderella incinerating toilet (that turns waste into ash), and standing storage space in the back of the van facing the rear windows.

When entering the van, there is a large seating area with a bed that comes down from the ceiling when needed.

The kitchen is set up with a sink, microwave, electric stovetop, and Dometic CRX 110 fridge. It even has a skylight along with a Maxx Air 7500k fan, air conditioner, heater, and outdoor Dometic 13′ awning. This is certainly a luxurious van and would make you feel right at home on the road!

2. Scarlet And Seth

Photos by @scarletandseth

Scarlet and Seth build gorgeous luxury vans for a living. Their dark interior Sprinter van conversion is one of their best ones to date!

This camper conversion comes with a large shower, hexagon floor tile, and a unique kitchen backsplash complete with moss for an earthy look. The extra counter space/cutting board doubles as a table.

The bench seat is super cozy and there is plenty of space to move around. The double bed pulls out when you need it.

The design is sleek and luxurious yet very functional for anyone looking to move into a van. These DIY builders work on many custom vans, and one could be yours!

3. Eyes Open Vanlife Workshop

Photo by @eyesopen_vanlife_workshop

Eyes Open is a van-building company that focuses on creating handmade campervan conversions for off-grid adventures.

This Sprinter build is artsy with herringbone flooring, neutral blue cupboards, and a fun rhombus kitchen backsplash. I love how they utilized the swivel table to be used with the passenger seat swivel chair.

Everything is clean and stylish, and the angles of the build make it look more open. Check out their other builds too for additional van life inspiration!

4. Climbing Van

Photos by @climbingvan

Charlie and Dale built their tiny home with functionality in mind. An L-shaped kitchen floor plan leaves plenty of area for cooking and making the van feel roomier especially when the sliding door is open. Since they are both climbers, there is plenty of extra space in the van for outdoor gear.

The sleeping area has a standard double-size bed with a table that runs the whole length of it allowing for more storage underneath. Right beside the bed are two storage benches facing each other with a table drawer that slides out for easy access when you need it.

My favorite part is the long bookshelf in the back along with the hidden toilet underneath one of the bench seats. All in all, this is the perfect van build that many could picture themselves traveling in!

5. Holoholohomes

Photos by @holoholohomes

The white interior along with the light wood has a bright and sleek yet beachy feel. This Sprinter camper van build has all the upgrades you could dream of!

The seating area is an excellent feature right when you enter the van with two bench seats and a removable swivel table. The closet and all the drawers next to the fixed bed offer a ton of storage for all your van life needs.

There is an inside shower with enough room for showering without removing the toilet as well as an outside heated shower for off-grid traveling. Having multiple van life showers offers great options for different situations such as city camping vs wild camping.

With a sink, electric stovetop, large 95L Dometic fridge & freezer under one of the benches, Maxxair 7500 Deluxe Fan, solar panels, a rooftop deck, and an outdoor awning this campervan has everything you need for comfortable living!

This van was designed and built by Holoholohomes, a conversion company founded by Johnny Davies.

6. Amanda Tempesta

Photos by @amanda.tempesta

Amanda and her partner live on the road full time in their 170” wheelbase extended high roof Sprinter camper that they built themselves. They made sure to design it so that they both could have plenty of room which is so important in such a tiny space.

I love the beachy feel with a touch of dark tones. The black cabinets stand out with the brass wood pull handles and unique farmhouse-style sink. There are also overhead cabinets for extra storage space.

They decided to go with a bed that converts to a sitting/working/eating area with beautiful burnt orange bedding. The dinette is unique from other builds because it is U shaped for more seating and storage underneath which greatly increases the space of the van during the day.

They opted for a shower and toilet right when you walk into the van with a very large fridge and freezer to the left of it. Across from the shower area is plenty of counter space with a sink, a small oven, and a 3-burner propane stove. With a 55-gallon freshwater tank, they are all set for an off-grid living!

7. On The Free Side

Photos by @onthefreeside

Indie and Joel are a couple that converted their 2008 long-wheelbase Sprinter van into their very own rustic home on wheels!

There are a lot of rad features in this Sprinter van conversion that is different from other builds. Indie and Joel incorporated a cupboard with a see-through front, a green marbled backsplash in the kitchen, and wood barn doors when entering and on the pocket door to the front.

They utilized the U-shaped dinette to save space during the day. The solar panels can adjust manually based on where the sun is at.

There is a small outdoor shower as they do not keep enough water to take long showers anyway. When it’s time, they can shower outside without rearranging anything, and save on space inside the van!

8. Living On Breeze

Photos by @livingonthebreeze

Sabrina and Nick are a couple who are currently traveling the US in their Sprinter van that they built themselves. The white granite-looking countertops are a nice change to other van builds along with the brown herringbone floor and mid-century modern accents throughout.

The rust-colored storage cupboards and shelving in the van are unique and create a house-like feel. The dinette-to-bed conversion area holds a lot of storage for clothes. The ‘garage area’ at the back of the van can even fit a bike!

The two made excellent use of the small space and utilized their rooftop as an extra hangout spot by adding a deck. Small touches like shelving and patterns can really make the space feel roomier.

Any van with a skylight over the bed to see the stars like this one is extra dreamy!

9. A Van And No Plan

Photo by @a_van_and_no_plan

This long-wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter van was self-converted by Poppy and Sadie in 2021. The van has a modern farmhouse style with gray cupboards and a natural wood ceiling.

A fan in the kitchen and a skylight above the bed allow for plenty of airflow. The curved shower and toilet area is a genius idea to save space on the layout. A personal touch is the star-looking lights in the ceiling – so cute!

10. Hera Tara Van

Photo by @vansteading

The craftmanship on this Mercedes van conversion is one of the most creative I have ever seen! The bed area is unique as well as functional with curved shelves that can be used to store items.

The design includes beautiful, natural-looking wood, lots of space for spice racks, and plants for a natural feel. The kitchen countertops in the front of the van are L-shaped creating plenty of cooking and prepping area. This van is truly a dream on wheels!

11. Pat The Van

Photos by @patthevan

I love all the extra sitting and lounging areas in this van conversion by Will and Jess! The large windows extend the look of the small space and there are several tall cupboards next to their bed for extra storage which is a great feature.

Under the bench is a small hidden bathtub which is unheard of in a van conversion! They love the option to bathe in their van instead of searching for showers when traveling on the open road. The tub saves on vertical space compared to a shower and keeps the van’s concept open.

I can see why this couple loves living on the road!

12. Eamon And Bec’s Van

Photo by @eamonandbec

This modern Sprinter van that beloved YouTubers Eamon and Bec built has natural rattan material on the cupboards and plenty of overhead lighting. The fixed bed features an L-shaped couch & bench area that starts right at the edge of the bed.

The swivel table is nice for eating or working in the sitting area. This van also has a hidden toilet underneath a countertop with an indoor shower & a curtain (that can only be seen when you want to shower). This saves space and allows for this area to be out of plain sight which is a great van life hack!

13. To The Mountains And Back

Photos by @tothemountainsandback

Ceri, Will, and Piglet (their dog) live in a self-converted van and travel abroad. This woodsy build has a homey feel with a lot of functional living space.

My favorite feature is HappiJac bed system which keeps the bed up to the ceiling when not in use. Underneath the bed are two large bench seats with plenty of storage.

There is even a shower and toilet along with a kennel for their dog. With its natural look, this van’s interior blends right into the outdoors!

14. The Breakawayers

Photos by the @thebreakawayers

Navi is the name of Tania and Lenny’s van that they use to travel the country. When entering this cozy campervan, the kitchen & cooking area is in the front and block out the driving area with a super cute, curved storage space.

There is a large table on a swivel used for many different functions. They opted for a fixed bed and a little nook that can be used as an office space, a cooking counter, and a place to stash extra items.

With a 70-liter water tank, they only need to fill up once a week utilizing rest stops, campsites, and natural pools for showering.

Another fun and unique feature they have is a screen on a swivel for working and watching movies at night.

15. Sandy Vans

Photos by sandyvans.com

The camper van conversion company ‘Sandy Vans’ was started by a group of friends in San Diego, California. These builders focus on premium custom designs out of Sprinter van shells.

Check out their build that they fondly call Stevan Segal! Just the swivel table with ocean-blue resin pour is enough to drool over. It was built with a U-shaped dinette with seating for 6 during the day and a convertible bed at night.

This 4×4 van is made for driving on more intense roads and has it all!

It comes equipped with a diesel heater for colder weather and a Maxx air fan with plenty of windows for warmer weather. The ‘Stevan Segal’ build also has a rooftop deck, TV, microwave, 2-burner stove top, sink, an outdoor heated shower, and 20 gallons of fresh water tank.

The solar panels are mounted to the roof and are used to power the LED lighting and refrigerator. Since the center divider is removable, there is room for mountain bikes, a dirt bike, or even a stand-up paddleboard. How cool is that?!

16. Sprintered Away

Isaac and Abbi live in their long-wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter with their two dogs. Designed and built in 2021, they added all the features to make this campervan feel like a home on wheels.

The dark blue cupboards give great contrast to the white walls and natural wood ceiling. The fridge/freezer is large, and they have plenty of counter space to cook on their two-burner stovetop.

The bathroom is sleek and luxurious, and I really like the separation between the living area and the bed.

Has this blog post left you drooling over all of the possible Sprinter conversion layouts? Any of these Sprinter van conversions would serve as wonderful tiny homes on wheels while traveling the world!

Which of these options was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Here are some frequently asked questions about getting a Mercedes Sprinter campervan:

What Sprinter Van Is Best For a Conversion?

The best Sprinter van for a campervan conversion is the 144” WB high roof 4×4 van. It is the optimal size to fit the bed, seating, and kitchen area without being too long for off-roading or city driving. The 4×4 makes it easy to drive in any terrain or weather.

How Much Does It Cost To Convert a Sprinter Van?

Although the Sprinter van is one of the costliest options for van life, you will be able to see the difference in the features and the way it drives. This type of campervan can be purchased in a 4×4 for driving off-road which is a HUGE advantage if you like exploring remote locations or driving during questionable road conditions (such as snow, rain, and ice).

You can convert a Sprinter van as cheap as $3000 (as we did in our Ram Promaster conversion) but you can easily spend $50,000+ if you go with high-end equipment and finishes.

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Is The Mercedes Sprinter Better Than Ford Transit?

Both Sprinter and Ford Transit are the two most popular options for campervan conversions. The Sprinter has proved itself to be an extremely reliable vehicle throughout the world. The Sprinter’s optional diesel engine is known to last over a million miles in many cases.

Best Sprinter Van Conversion Companies

Doing your own DIY van conversion can be costly and time-consuming, especially if you’re working full-time. When we built our campervan in 2018 there was very little information online or on YouTube for reference.

It took a lot of effort, time, and sweat & tears. We had to ‘wing it’ along the way, make a lot of mistakes, and even make some changes later on the road while traveling the Pan-American Highway for 15 months.

If you’re wanting to get a Sprinter van, but don’t have the time or space to do the conversion yourself, there are many excellent van conversion companies that can do the build for you.

A few of the best camper van conversion companies are:

Looking for more van life inspiration? Here are a few other helpful resources and blog posts that you may like:

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