10 Best Promaster Van Conversions To Inspire You

Ram Promaster Van Conversions

When it comes to van life, this travel-loving movement shows no signs of slowing down. With the growing possibility of remote work, life on four wheels has become an achievable option for many of us.

We ourselves spent nearly 2 years living and working on the road in our self-converted Promaster campervan while traveling across all of Central America and South America. With no need to trail into the office every day, the idea of seeing the world through the open doors of a campervan suddenly became an exciting reality that we could never dream of before.

Whether you’re just looking for inspiration, planning to outsource your Promaster conversion, or do it yourself, look no further!

Here are the top 10 Promaster van conversions from both professional builders and DIY folks that will have you dreaming of van life. Let’s dive right in!

1. Happy People Vans

Photo by @happypeople_vans

If you are after the clean lines and smart design elements that are so incredibly popular on our social media feeds, then Kara and Cole are the people to inspire you. After years of living in a van themselves, they now specialize in converting Promaster vehicles into thoughtful dream homes on wheels for those with a deep case of travel lust.

Think white walls, handcrafted cabinetry, and cleverly created spaces with numerous elements of hidden storage. Each conversion encapsulates luxury balanced with practicality to make your travel dreams come true!

2. Boho Vans

Photo by @boho_vans

With an impressive portfolio of both interesting van conversions and rental vehicles, Boho Vans focuses on all things Promaster. They create extraordinary homes-on-wheels within Promaster vans that revolve around ease and functionality.

Thoughtful interior details such as eye-catching butcher block countertops, beautifully upholstered seating cushions, and a delicately tiled backsplash for the sink area come together to give a sense of luxury living within a relatively small space. Ideal for the van lifer seeking personal comforts!

3. Louis The Van


Seth & Scarlett have artistically combined the concept of a tiny home on wheels with van life in an incredible way.

Each build from this duo is exceptional and never repeated, making this an attractive option for those looking to purchase a one-of-a-kind van. Their charcoal grey “Dark Theme” Promaster was created with high-end fittings in mind, elegant furniture & a boutique, sleek design.

Photos by @louisthevan

This build features interesting add-ons like the waterproof tile floor that easily transforms into a shower space for a quick and convenient rinse. With plenty of storage space, stainless steel appliances, and cool moss-covered walls, these two converters certainly don’t hold back on luxury features!

4. Tricked Out Vans

Photo by @trickedoutvans

Shaiden Valentine has turned several Promaster vans into cozy living spaces that are a perfect fit for the photographer among us.

If you envision yourself taking beautiful photos of the view from your doorway (and who doesn’t) then his Promaster van conversions are the ones you’ll be wanting for your journey on the road!

5. The Hunters Vanlife


The second build that these two digital nomads have created is an incredible example of what can be achieved within a relatively limited living space. Smooth quality wood paneling and neutral coloring help to create the kind of chilled atmosphere that every van lifer on the planet would dream of!

Photos by @thehuntersvanlife

Not only have they fitted in a rather grand bathroom (a challenge and a luxury for any conversion) but they have also incorporated a mid-century design style that seamlessly accommodates numerous practical elements. And this particular design even fits a small music studio within it too!

6. Against The Grain Vans

Photo by @againstthegrainvans

With tan vinyl seats, crisp white walls, and solid wood countertops in complimenting brown tones, the Promaster van conversion from this creative duo is a dream for those with an incurable case of itchy feet.

Heavy-duty pull-out storage and silent closing drawers are just some of the finishes that make this particular Promaster build uniquely special.

The bed remains a permanent feature rather than the foldaway version that some conversions feature. The benefits are an incredible quantity of storage capacity that can be accessed from the rear doors along with the aesthetic benefit of a beautifully made bed during the day.

7. Linda La Van


Jany, Max, and Milo (the dog) currently live in their Promaster van, enjoying the mindfully chosen features of their vehicle to the absolute maximum as they tour Canada together.

With a shower room and toilet in the rear of the van separated from the main living area, this design allows for plenty of room.

Photos by @linda_la_van

The double bed folds cleverly away allowing for clear and easy access between the two benches leading from the side door to the back. Such simple but smart design solutions are what make this a convenient van to live and travel in.

8. The Boondocker

Photo by @the.boondocker

Sometimes it’s refreshing to step away from the trending images of van life to take a look at van builds that are focused on problem-solving and practicality.

Campervan builder and dedicated van lifer Josh constructs custom Promaster builds that don’t hold back on functionality and ergonomics. Josh’s work has an attractive aesthetic using LED lighting, premium cabinetry, soft grey & wood tones, and aluminum fixtures.

9. Mckinzie Katelyn


As a solo female van life traveler, Mckinzie embodies the digital nomad lifestyle that many young women dream of.

Her cozy Promaster campervan is full of feminine touches such as miniature tiling in the kitchen area and numerous decorative elements. Yet it also features some extremely smart practical features such as a magnetic spice rack and designated working space.

Photos by @mckinzie_katelyn

The result is a Promaster van conversion that combines aesthetic mindfulness with functionality for full-time traveling on the road.

10. Court And Nate

Photo by @courtandnate

Courtnie and Nate are a yoga teacher and van builder duo that is one of my favorite couples for van life inspiration. Their Instagram and Tik Tok feeds are filled with beautifully curated photos & videos full of tips for DIY campervan builds and what it’s like living on the road.  

After saving up money from their valet jobs, Court and Nate turned a high-roof Promaster van into a stunning conversion that is affordable and aesthetically pleasing with a light & peaceful feel. With lots of insulation, a foldable bed, extra storage, and plentiful standing space, they’re able to live out of their Promaster van full with their adorable pup Tonkins.         

The idea of living in a van has transformed from being a relatively unusual mode of travel to a concept that many people all over the world are choosing to pursue. Individuals from all walks of life are ditching the “normal” expectations of how to live to join the open road.

No matter what travel style you personally enjoy, there is an inspiring variety of options out there for Promaster van conversions. Some lean more towards the engineering side of things, enjoying clever hidden storage and satisfyingly practical living solutions, while others focus on design and aesthetics.

Whether you decide to convert a van yourself, hire a builder to design a custom home on wheels, or simply buy a ready-made van – life on the road is waiting for you just around the corner!

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