10 Best Places To Stay In Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

Places To Stay In Valle de Guadalupe

Are you planning a trip to Valle de Guadalupe wine country and looking for a place to stay? We have you covered!

Valle de Guadalupe is a gorgeous valley in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, and when it comes to giving visitors an unforgettable landscape, this region delivers. With mighty mountains and nearby coast, Valle de Guadalupe offers stunning views all around.

But while the valley is known for its immense beauty, you’ll be surprised to know that Valle de Guadalupe produces 90% of Mexico’s wine – so if you’re looking for a fun place to have a vacation, this is where you’ll want to go!

Ready for a trip to Mexico? Book Hotel Encuentro Guadalupethe best hotel in Valle de Guadalupe that comes with a stunning infinity pool!

Here are 10 of the best places to stay in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico!

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1. Encuentro Guadalupe

Encuentro Guadalupe is a top-rated hotel with one of the most romantic ambiances that you can experience in Valle de Guadalupe.

Encuentro Guadalupe is a spacious resort that features eco-villas, a main building, and a hilltop pool deck. If you’re hoping for a place that spices up your stay and gives you stellar Instagrammable views, Encuentro Guadalupe is the right fit for you!

Photos by Encuentro Guadalupe

Encuentro Guadalupe also has its own vineyard that produces excellent wines. The hotel offers private decks for all rooms where guests can comfortably lounge on deck chairs and stare at the million stars in the sky above.

If you’re looking for a romantic place that will give you and your partner that extra spark, or if you’re thinking of honeymooning in Baja California, put Encuentro Guadalupe on top of your list because it will certainly do the trick!

2. Ojo Azul Resort

Photos by Ojo Azul Resort

Ojo Azul Resort is a magnificent retreat that lies a little beyond the estate’s personal vineyard. If you’re a wine connoisseur and need to find a place that’s simply up to your taste and delivers the utmost satisfaction at every turn, head to Ojo Azul Resort where everything becomes divine!

This is a rustic yet luxurious resort where you can relax close to nature with the comforts of soft, satin pillows and bedding that will make you feel as if you’re floating on a cloud.

Ojo Azul has a wood-fired grill restaurant, its own private wine cave, and an event venue where you can hold intimate gatherings. The hotel is simply heaven for those who want a magical experience in Valle de Guadalupe.

3. Oeno Wine Lodge

Unique “Rock rooms” at Oeno Wine Lodge.

When you’re looking for an authentic Valle de Guadalupe experience, you can’t overlook the wine because let’s face it, that’s the reason why most people head out there. And whether you’re a beginner wine enthusiast (like me) or a wine connoisseur, getting a taste of authentic Mexican wine is an experience to appreciate.

Oeno Wine Lodge is known for its rustic beauty and the simple promise of delivering quality wine. The Oeno Wine Lodge offers three kinds of rooms: cabins, rocks, and a village.

The ‘village’ consists of cube-shaped rooms that can accommodate 2-4 people. The cabins can hold up to 2-4 people and are situated in a central portion of the valley, overlooking the mountains and vineyard.

Our personal favorite is the ‘rock room’ – a unique lodging option that’s designed to look like a rock and can accommodate 2 people.

4. Valentino Hotel Boutique

Photos by Valentino Hotel Boutique

Valentino Hotel Boutique is an exceptional hotel that deserves every bit of praise for its accommodations. Valentino Hotel Boutique is located at the heart of Valle de Guadalupe surrounded by mighty mountains and rich vineyards.

If you stay at the Hotel Boutique Valentino, you can choose between a suite that gazes upon the vineyards or a suite that looks over the hotel’s garden. Either way, you’ll get to enjoy gorgeous scenery!

All of the suites are designed to be unique – the vineyard view suites are cubicle shaped and settled in a rustic environment, whereas the garden view suites carry a very homey vibe.

The hotel offers hypoallergenic pillows, fully-equipped bathrooms, coffee makers, air-conditioning, WiFi, and complimentary breakfast.

5. Uva Uva Eco Retreat

Photos by Uva Uva Eco Retreat

If you’re a sucker for nature, then your best choice is to stay at the Uva Uva Eco Retreat, where you can indulge in the beauty of nature while being Earth-friendly. Uva Uva Eco Retreat is an authentic and unique experience where visitors can be closer to the Valle de Guadalupe foothills and experience a stay that’s just perfect.

The Uva Uva cabins are sustainably designed from locally sourced & produced materials. They’re located in a secluded portion of Valle de Guadalupe but still close to local markets & restaurants.

If you are looking for a retreat that gives you plenty of distance from touristy spots, the Uva Uva Eco Retreat is just the right fit!

6. Hacienda Los Olivo

Photos by Hacienda Los Olivos

Hacienda Los Olivos is more than just an ordinary hotel – it is a romantic, luxurious place where you can enjoy a vacation while feeling like you’re a member of royalty.

Hacienda Los Olivos offers deluxe villas that can accommodate up to 7 guests, perfect for a bachelorette party, a group traveling on spring break, or a larger family.

The hotel has a rooftop terrace and an outdoor pool where you can relax while you take a few sips of fine wine from the nearby vineyards. And the villas are at a very convenient distance from the main beach – you can get there in only 30 minutes!

7. Rincon del Corazon

Photos by Rincon del Corazon

Rincon del Corazon is the ideal place for anyone who’s looking to treat themselves! Rincon del Corazon offers private cabins along with a common area & a fire pit where you can mingle with the other guests.

The cabins are equipped with a king-size bed, a fully-functional, spacious bathroom, and a French press so you can wake up in the morning to the aromatic scent of freshly made coffee.

If you’re looking for a comfortable Valle de Guadalupe experience, you can book this bungalow and enjoy the sunset views it bestows!

8. Vinophiliac Wine Lover’s Retreat

Photos by Vinophiliac Wine Lover’s Retreat

The name of this accommodation does the trick – you’ll absolutely adore the Vinophiliac Wine Lover’s Retreat and its magnificent property.

Each of the three suites boasts comfortable rooms, private bathrooms, a mini-fridge, a coffee maker, and a microwave. Vinophiliac Wine Lover’s Retreat can host up to 11 people, making it an ideal place for families.

The retreat also offers in-room massages and spa services to help you relax. If you’re looking for a place to take the family but one that’s as comforting as home, then there’s nothing like this cozy retreat!

9. Villa Azul – Casa Victoria

Photos by Villa Azul

The Villa Azul in Casa Victoria is a boutique experience that provides an intimate stay without getting out of touch with nature. The Villa Azul offers visitors two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a dining room, and a fully functional kitchen.

Casa Victoria’s villas are smaller but come equipped with contemporary furniture & a modern, unique style. This vacation rental can accommodate up to 4 people, but it also makes a great place to stay if you’re fond of flying solo.

10. Campera Hotel Burbuja

Commonly known as “the bubble hotel”, Campera Hotel Burbuja is definitely one of the most unique places to stay in Valle de Guadalupe. Located in a secluded part of Valle de Guadalupe, Campera Hotel Burbuja offers a glamping experience that allows you to connect with nature while enjoying comfort and luxury.

This is your chance to stay in a bubble (quite literally), as the glamping spots are designed to look like spheres with transparent ceilings. During your stay, you can look out into the night sky and be amazed!

The bubble camps have a concierge, in-room service, a nearby Doce restaurant, and a very comfortable king-size bed. These rooms also have air-conditioning, reading lamps, and a set of tables & chairs.

What’s more, most of the bubble hotel is eco-friendly! If you’ve ever wanted to try out glamping, this is the perfect place!

Looking for something fun to do outside of your hotel? Here are a few of the most popular tours to do in Valle De Guadalupe:

  • Xecue Wine Tasting in the Guadalupe Valley. During this highly-rated tour, you will enjoy an intimate tasting of the artisanal Xecue Wines. This tour includes tasting 5 different premium wines and a detailed explanation of the wine-making process.
  • Guadalupe Valley Wine Route Tour. If you want to visit several different wineries, this tour will be your best option to do so! During this tour, you will visit 4 wineries, meet local wine experts, and stop by the Wine Museum of Baja California.
  • ATV Off-Road Adventure through Valle de Guadalupe. We went on an ATV off-roading tour during our visit to Valle de Guadalupe and had so much fun! An ATV tour allows you to see different parts of the Valle de Guadalupe backcountry that you would otherwise miss.
Book an ATV Off-Roading Tour and get ready to explore Valle de Guadalupe!

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