Staying At Origins, The Best Luxury Eco-lodge In Costa Rica

origins lodge best luxury eco lodge costa rica

There are few places more lush and green in the world than the Costa Rica jungle.

After spending 8 months on the road in our custom-built van, we decided it was time to take a little break from traveling to treat ourselves to a relaxing stay at the beautiful Costa Rica all-inclusive eco-lodge Origins.

Tucked away in the Costa Rica rainforest jungle, we couldn’t have picked a more relaxing lodge to stay in and reboot for a few days after driving through the entire Central America (12,000 miles!).

About Costa Rica’s Luxury Eco-Lodge Origins

Origins Lodge is a new eco-resort in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste area. Surrounded by a tropical rainforest this all-inclusive resort is one of the best places to stay in Costa Rica if you love quiet getaways in the midst of nature.

With only 7 rooms at the resort, the focus is to create an intimate luxury experience geared toward couples and honeymooners.

origins lodge costa rica rainforest resort all inclusive
Beautiful views of the jungle from our room at Origins Lodge!

As a couple that has been married for over a year and never went on an official honeymoon, our stay at Origins eco-lodge in Costa Rica was the honeymoon we never got.

We got pampered, we watched sunsets in a personal hot tub on our porch and we ate some of the most amazing food in our lives.

origins lodge best places to stay in costa rica

If you’re planning for a quiet getaway vacation with your loved one in Costa Rica, check out all the best things that the luxury eco-lodge Origins have to offer!

Treehouse Rooms At Origins Eco Lodge

The beautiful treehouse rooms at the Origins Lodge were designed to provide privacy and relaxation away from the busy city life and to help guests enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica’s nature.

origins lodge best luxury eco lodge in costa rica

Each of the rooms at Origins Lodge comes with a stunning patio overlooking the Costa Rica rainforest jungle. The patio also has a lounge chair to enjoy quiet time reading while listening to the jungle sounds in the distance.

origins lodge best luxury eco lodge costa rica

The patios have private hot tubs that can be heated up with firewood, one of the many ecotourism efforts at this resort.

Each room comes with a luxury king bed enclosed with white curtains making you feel like you’re in your own dream world.

origins lodge eco resort in costa rica

The rooms also have a circular opening in the ceiling that the hotel staff explained to me was built to represent energy floating into the room in the morning and out of the room at night for peaceful sleep.

I may have to convince my husband to install something like this in our own future home because it was the best sleep I’ve gotten on this trip!

All-Inclusive Food At Origins Resort

The food at the Origins Lodge was my favorite part of the stay!

As an all-inclusive vacation destination, this Costa Rica resort takes care of everything from food, and activities, attending to every little request, and more.

The guests can arrive and enjoy their stay without worry in the world.

origins lodge costa rica eco lodge all inclusive

Every 5-course meal at the Origins eco-lodge was prepared by an award-winning chef from France. Each course seemed better than the one before and we were blown away by how incredibly tasty everything was.

The resort has its own garden on the property and most ingredients used in the meals come from this organic garden.

origins lodge costa rica all inclusive vacations

After each dinner, we enjoyed a cocktail while watching sunsets or soothing rainstorms from the lounge area.

Rainforest Activities At Origins Eco-Lodge

While we fully took advantage of the resort’s relaxing atmosphere, Origins jungle lodge has a few wonderful eco-activities available for its guest to engage in.

origins lodge jungle lodge costa rica

Some of the best activities offered are horseback riding, hiking to a private waterfall, cooking lessons with the chef, fishing, and my personal favorite, an evening tour of the property in search and observation of the animals that live on the resort.

After sunset, we met our personal tour guide who took us around the property and showed us different animal species that live there and explained more about them.

From spending 8 months living and traveling through Central America I had become accustomed to hearing different jungle sounds at night so it was really interesting learning more about the animals that live in this area.

From observing the popular bright green Costa Rica Red Eye Tree Frog to different fish and turtle species, we could get a good sense of the hotel’s efforts to create an eco-friendly environment.

Things To Do Nearby Origins Eco-Lodge

For those who want to venture out of the resort for a fun outdoor activity, the Rio Celeste waterfall is one of the best things to do in the Guanacaste area.

Located an hour away from the Origins jungle lodge, Rio Celeste is the perfect place to spend a few hours hiking through the Costa Rica rainforest to an overlook of the beautiful Rio Celeste waterfall.

costa rica rainforest rio celeste waterfall

The hike is around 30 minutes long each way and is relatively easy except for the steep stairs at the end. But seeing the waterfall peak through the jungle will give you that last push needed to hike down the stairs for a closer look.

If you’d rather take a guided tour, this highly-rated Rio Celeste tour will take you to the Rio Celeste waterfall, Sloth Sanctuary & Llanos de Cortes Waterfall!

Costa Rica is well known for its unpredictable rainy weather so make sure to pack these must-have essentials:

  • Rainjacket. My favorite rain jacket is this one by Northface. This rain jacket has saved me and kept me dry in many sudden Central America thunderstorms.
  • Waterproof Hiking Boots. The Rio Celeste trail can get pretty muddy with the rain so you’ll want to pack along a good pair of rainproof hiking shoes. My favorite hiking shoes are these ones by Vasque Footwear. Over the past few years that I’ve owned them, I have taken these boots on some muddy and rainy hikes yet they still look in mint condition.
  • Camera. If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced than your phone camera to capture memories on your trip, we highly recommend this entry-level camera by Sony. This is my all-time favorite camera because it’s lightweight, waterproof-ish (one time I dropped it in a river and it still works perfectly!), and costs only $450. To take out any glare from the water we also recommend using this polarizer filter that we use all the time on most of our water shots.
  • Water, snacks, and food for the hike.

Reservations At Origins Luxury Eco-Lodge In Costa Rica

If you would like to find out more about the lodge, check availability, or make reservations, go to the Origins Lodge reservation page here!

After spending a few relaxing days at the all-inclusive Origins eco-lodge, we were ready to get back on the road in Costa Rica to conquer the rest of South America on our epic road trip.

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