10 Best Minivan Camper Conversions For Hitting The Road

Minivan camper conversions

While the word “van life” often brings to mind spacious campervan conversions built out in towering Sprinter Vans, Promasters, and other big white vans, you don’t need to splurge on one of these to have an incredible adventure.

Van life is all about slowing down, ditching all the “stuff” you don’t really need, and hitting the road!

A minivan is the perfect road trip vehicle if you need something smaller, more fuel-efficient, and budget-friendly – but setting up a home on wheels in such a small space can require some creative solutions.

To get you inspired, here are 10 of the best minivan camper conversions!

Best Minivan Camper Conversions:

1. Jason’s Toyota Sienna Minivan Camper Conversion

Jason, also known as ‘Timeless Metal Craft’ has a 2008 Toyota Sienna that he decked out to be a tiny home on wheels. What’s even more impressive than how much he managed to pack into such a small space is that a lot of it is made of scrap metal. 

The back of the van opens up to a kitchen, complete with a sink, stove, and even an oven. The cab of the minivan has hardwood floors, along with a bench that slides out to convert to a bed at night, and has a roomy storage drawer underneath.

Photos by @timelessmetalcraft

Jason really thought of everything with his build which is why we think this is one of the most practical minivan camper conversions.

On the top of the van is a custom rack built from old bed frames and other metal pieces, that slide out. After attaching a curtain to the rack, you have a private place to shower.

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2. Oasis Minivan Camper Conversions

Photos by @oasiscampervans

Oasis Camper Vans specializes in converting minivans in Broomfield, Colorado. They offer two conversion packages – the Classic and the Deluxe – for Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica, and Dodge Grand Caravan minivans. 

The Classic package includes a convertible bed with a table, and a kitchen with countertops – and you have the option to add appliances like a fridge, solar panels, a foldable kitchen table, and more!

The Deluxe option gives you everything you need for a decked-out minivan camper conversion. Oasis will handle everything, adding all the appliances, premium wood, and more.

This is the perfect option for anyone who wants a customized van build, but they sell some already-made vans too!

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3. Jess And The Minivan

Photo by @jess_minivan

Jess travels all over Europe with her minivan and her dog, Whisky! The adorable minivan conversion features bright green pillows on the bed for a pop of color, and drawers underneath that slide out when the tailgate is open, giving her a place to cook outside.

There’s nothing like making coffee with a view of the outdoors!

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4. Road Loft Instant Minivan Camper Conversion Kit

Photos by @roadloft

If you don’t have the time to DIY a build, the Road Loft Instant Minivan Camper Conversion Kit is an amazing option that lets you quickly and easily turn your everyday driver into a home on wheels. They make kits for several kinds of vans, and the owners spent three years living in a converted minivan themselves – so they definitely know what you need to hit the road!

The kit only takes 5 minutes to set up – so whether you’re a full-time minivan dweller or just taking a road trip, you can have a decked-out build in no time.

The Minivan Camper Conversion Kit has a bench and table that converts to a long, comfortable bed at night. The kitchen is in the back, so you can stay dry under the tailgate and cook even in rainy weather.

There are plenty of storage drawers, and space for everything you need – but even with so many amenities, when you aren’t using the kit, it packs up so small, and all the pieces fit into each other so that you can store it when you aren’t using it!

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5. Farmhouse Style Minivan Conversion

Photo by @kyle_and_madison

Kyle and Madison’s is one of the best minivan camper conversions because they managed to make the small space look so cozy and inviting! They incorporated rustic farmhouse-style elements in their build, with reclaimed wood and even some greenery.

Their conversion is unique because they have storage under the floor, leaving the cab of the van spacious and open. The kitchen is right behind their driver’s seat, with running water, but it actually extends outside for more counter space!

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6. Pam The Van

Photo by @wildshegoes91

Pam is a 2001 Renault Kangoo minivan that Marina (Wild She Goes) used to live and travel in. This is one of the best minivan camper conversions that we’ve seen because Marina made sure it’s not only cute but also functional!

It has plenty of storage, a kitchen, a bed that pulls out from a bench, and even little details like a bookshelf and fairy lights to make the conversion feel special.

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7. Mini Yet Mighty Camper Conversion

Photo by @miniyetmighty

Michelle and Gabor made a Mini Yet Mighty conversion for their minivan which they use mainly for weekend camping and road trips.

Their build really prioritizes the kitchen, with handmade cabinets and drawers to store all their cooking and kitchen necessities. Like a lot of these other minivan camper conversions, the kitchen is in the back so that they can tuck under the tailgate and cook no matter the weather.

Inside, they have a bed that folds up during the day to make room. The bench has storage underneath and around the bed there are covers over the windows for some privacy!

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8. Caddy Maxi Adventures

Photos by @caddyvantures

Joukje and Nick’s stunning conversion of a VW Caddy minivan looks a lot like the full-size conversions we’ve seen – but in a smaller package!

The walls and cabinets are whitewashed, with dark wood and leather accents for a minimalist, but polished feel. 

Their bed folds into a couch during the day, giving them plenty of living space and room to use the kitchen! Their storage is in the cabinets, under the bed, and built into the walls to optimize the small space and make this minivan feel not so mini.

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9. Stray Local’s Simple Minivan Conversion

Photos by @straylocal

Sometimes the best minivan camper conversions are the ones that keep it simple! Hannah and Jamie (also known as Stray Local) are traveling musicians who wanted to create a minivan conversion on a budget.

They built the whole thing themselves, prioritizing space for their music gear and everything they need on the road – a place to sleep, storage under the bed, and a budget-friendly build that has all the necessities!

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10. Two Campers And a Corgi In a Toyota Hiace Minivan

Photo by @twocampersandacorgi

Joriën and Sandra, and their adorable pup ‘Fudge’ have a minivan camper conversion whose paint job will make you do a double-take. But along with the stunning exterior, the inside of their Toyota Hiace is set up with everything they need, and decorated to match their funky selves!

It’s the perfect adventure vehicle for their travels around Europe with a full kitchen and plenty of storage.

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From light and airy, beachy builds to rustic cozy cabins, it’s incredible what you can do with a little minivan to make it feel like home!

Which of these 10 best minivan camper conversions was your favorite? Let us know in a comment below, and share your faves!

This post is contributed by Anna. Anna is a freelance writer, travel blogger, and photographer who lives in a camper van. You can follow her adventures on her travel blog Annatee.co, where you’ll find hiking guides, tips for getting outdoors, and travel inspiration!

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