10 Amazing Ford Transit Conversions For Van Life Inspiration

Ford Transit Conversions

Though Sprinter vans tend to be the most popular choice for campervan builds, Ford Transit conversions have been growing in popularity for van life. Ford has a long history of offering the Econoline as a low-roof cargo van, and in 2014, they began offering the tall-roof Ford Transit as well.

There are tons of reasons that make a Ford Transit a great choice for van life:

  • Ford has a great reputation for its vehicles offering a reliable platform to build on.
  • The price point is lower than a Sprinter, starting at $35,000 for the 2022 Ford Transit van.
  • In addition to having a lower upfront cost, it is cheaper and easier to have them worked on.

You can choose from a wheelbase of 138”, 156”, or 178” and the tall roof gives you 6’5” of standing room. One great feature of Ford Transits is that they began offering an AWD option in 2020 giving you more capability and peace of mind. If you desire a 4×4 van, you can have it converted by companies like Quigley and Sportsmobile.

If you think a Ford Transit might be right for your van build, check out these 10 amazing Ford Transit conversions for inspiration!

1. Tracey The Transit

Photos by @traceythetransit

Tracey the Transit has a clean and earthy vibe. The balance of light wood and white interior leaves the space feeling open and airy. The bright colors allow for the patterned backsplash and stunning ceramic sink to pop and be a focal point.

The seating area with a pull-out table is a such efficient use of space. Two people can comfortably eat or work across from each other while maintaining a fixed sleeping area.

Some of the best design elements include the rattan cabinet fronts, a macrame hanging plant, and a circular mirror. The raised bed allows for a large storage space big enough to fit bikes inside! 

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2. Divine On The Road 

Photos by @Divineontheroad

The aesthetic of this van is the perfect blend of feminine and outdoorsy. From the pallet wood walls to light turquoise accents, the van feels cozy and spacious.

A convertible bed allows enough space for a dining and hosting area. The bed can be converted to a full or twin size with a sleep and workspace combination which is a great option for solo travelers.

From the back of the van, a board pulls out that serves as an outdoor table with slides strong enough to sit on. From the side door, there is another counter that flips down allowing for more outdoor surfaces. 

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3. The Roaming Van

Photos by @the_roaming_van

The Roaming Van is a minimal and open build. Natural wood, white shiplap, and cabinets make the space feel large and breezy. The leather drawer pulls are a unique alternative to traditional cabinet hardware.

Though you could read from a Kindle, there is something about reading a physical book so this build has prioritized book storage with a full bookshelf. A bedside table runs the entire length of the bed featuring storage below.

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4. Her Road Less Traveled

Photos by @herroadlesstraveled

This is the perfect van to drive down to the beach and throw the doors open! The light, the neutral color palette makes this space feel open and breezy.

From the poof pillows to the macrame accents, and plants, there are so many cute aesthetic touches. Kitchen goals have been achieved with a full oven, farmhouse sink, and moveable faucet.

The long bench across from the kitchen offers a large seating area without sacrificing a fixed bed. The open storage with wicker baskets is a unique feature rather than utilizing closed cabinets. 

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5. I Like Big Buttress

Photos by @ilikebigbuttress

Everyone has different priorities in their van builds and some of the most unique conversions revolve around a hobby. This van is the ultimate climbing van – it features a large cabinet packed with a climbing rack that would make Alex Honnold blush.

Beyond the storage, the build has a fixed bed with a dining nook looking out through a large window. Momentos of travel is displayed through the van with maps, posters, and stickers.

Bump-outs in the bed space allows to sleep perpendicular maximizing the van footage. The aesthetic features of the shiplap walls, light wood, and blue & orange accents add to the eye-catching space. The only question is, when can we join for a visit to the crag?

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6. Cori On The Road

Photos by @cori.ontheroad

Having a separate seating and sleeping area is a difficult task in a small space like a van. One unique approach to solving this problem is by utilizing a Murphy Bed.

This build has a large L-shaped bench with storage underneath. The seating area provides a place to work during the day with a Lagun table and a computer screen adjacent to the bench.

At night, the wall flips down revealing a full-size bed. Apart from the Murphy Bed, a hallmark feature of this van is the stunning wooden artwork on the passenger side of the van. The wood and blue tones pull together the color palette of the interior. 

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7. Chasing The Wild Goose

Photos by @chasingthewildgoose

From blue subway tiles to turquoise cabinets and wooden plank walls, this build is a departure from the common beachy-white color palette seen in many campervans.

Chasing The Wild Goose has managed to create ample seating with a full-length bench while still having a fixed bed and a storage space. The sleeping area features bump-outs allowing you to sleep sideways and dual windows for a refreshing cross breeze. A sliding chest fridge offers plenty of food storage, perfect for cooking with a full stove and oven.

There is a large sink with tons of space for that dreaded task of doing dishes in a van. Ceiling lighting and under-cabinet lighting bring brightness to the space. An all-around beautiful van build!

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8. Millenial Mountaineer

Photos by @millenialmountaineer

Many vans only have two seats for passengers but the Millenial Mountaineers have managed to add two more seats in their dining area. Behind the dining area, they also have a full shower and toilet, a major van life luxury!

The kitchen space features a full range and oven, a large sink, and butcher block countertops. The lower kitchen drawers open into the entryway rather than the aisle space which is a unique feature. The front of the fridge is covered in shiplap that matches the cabinets lending to a cohesive look.

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9. MelskyBurd

Photos by @MelskyBurd

This van is the ultimate mobile Bachelorette pad. There are so many beautiful feminine touches from the soft, earthy, color palate to the half-circle cabinet hardware. The seating nook in the entryway is the perfect place to set up a workspace or sip morning coffee and journal.

Throughout the space is artwork representing strong, outdoorsy women. There are matching curtains dividing the cab and across the back doors keeping a consistent flow in the van.

The raised permanent bed creates a cozy sleeping space as well as a massive storage space underneath. This van will have any solo van life female drooling!

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10. Chasing Sunshine

Photos by @chasingsun20

There are so many unique features in this build that push the bounds of van design. The most ingenious is a wet bar-turned shower that is an incredible use of space.

The nook is fully tiled with a removable countertop revealing a shower pan and rain shower head. The design is perfect for those who want a shower but don’t want to sacrifice space in their build.

Another unique feature is the seating area which has leather bar stools and a live edge countertop that looks out a window.

The tilework throughout the kitchen backsplash and shower space is the perfect design for mountain lovers. Finally, the raised U shape convertible bed allows extra space for storage, hosting, and sleeping.

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This post is contributed by Ashley Cohagen. Ashley is a travel nurse and freelance writer adventuring in a campervan with her partner Eric. Together, they curate their blog Create Your Own Roadshow, where they share everything from DIY campervan conversion guides and van life tips, to destination guides and travel nursing advice. You can follow their journey on their blog & Instagram @create.your.own.roadshow

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