30 Must-Have Campervan Accessories For Van Life Travelers

Campervan Accessories

So you’ve bought a campervan and you’re stoked for your first adventure. Whether you’re planning to be a full-time van life traveler or a weekend warrior, a campervan offers you endless opportunities for exploration.

When it comes time to pack for your trip, it’s hard to know what is necessary to take on the road. The market for campervan accessories can be dizzying!

With the explosion of recreation, there has also been an explosion of products. You can only fit so much in a van, so what do you REALLY need?

This article covers the best campervan accessories curated by experienced van-lifers. Using this list, you can skip the fluff and be confident that you’ll have everything you need when you hit the open road!

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Campervan Accessories For Safety

We consider safety to be the most important category of campervan accessories. These are practical items that will bring you peace of mind while traveling in your campervan. 

1. MaxTrax Recovery Boards

These recovery boards may seem to have a hefty price tag but they’re cheaper than getting stuck with a remote towing bill. If you ever find yourself out boondocking in sand or snow, these might just save your butt!

Traction boards (or recovery boards) are made of molded plastic with raised nobs. They can be used when a vehicle is stuck by placing them as close to the tires as possible and driving up on them.

The added traction can get your vehicle unstuck and have you on your way! These are definitely worth the investment if you plan to travel off the grid in your campervan.

Maxtrax Xtreme Recovery Boards – $500

2. Car Battery Booster

This is another great campervan accessory that can give you some peace of mind when stealth van camping in remote spots. If you choose a remote boondocking location with no cell service, you would be in trouble if the battery died with no way to jump it.

These battery packs can be precharged and will jump your campervan when the battery is dead without requiring another vehicle. This model is great because it also doubles as a battery bank for your phone and electronics.

When purchasing a battery booster be sure to get the right booster for your vehicle as they vary depending on what liter engine you have.

NOCO Jump Starter Box – $150

3. First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit and basic knowledge of first aid procedures is a good idea when traveling in a campervan. This kit has everything you’ll need including band-aids, dressings, medications, and more.

Adventure Medical Kit – $40

4. Two-Way Radio

There are so many awesome uses for two-way radios in a campervan:

  • If you are a couple, you can use them for better communication when you’re positioning your van into a camping spot.
  • If you’re traveling in a caravan, you can have a radio in each campervan to chat along the drive, especially helpful when there is no service to call one another.
  • The last use (and why we personally love these radios) is that you can tune into the NOAA weather report station and get a readout of the local weather when you’re out of service.

Sometimes the weather can take an unexpected turn for the worse and having an updated report can be the difference between peace of mind or bailing on a camping spot to stay somewhere safer.

Midland two-way radio set – $60

5. Shovel

Unless you plan to have a toilet in your campervan, you’re going to need a poop shovel for digging catholes. Always follow the Leave No Trace Principles and bury your waste appropriately.

A small shovel can also come in handy if you get your campervan stuck in the sand or snow. 

Mini shovel on Amazon – $25

6. Air Compressor

Having an air compressor is a game-changer for those bumpy National Forest roads. By airing down your tires, you can get more cushion and a smoother ride. When you’re ready to get back to the pavement, you’ll need to air back up to preserve the life of your tires. Having a portable air compressor makes this possible and makes quick work of the task.

Another time an air compressor comes in handy is if you get your campervan stuck. Airing down your tires can give you a wider footprint and more traction to get yourself out of the situation. Once you get unstuck, you can air your tires back up and be on your way!

Be sure to do research about safe tire pressures for your vehicle, every vehicle and tire is different. 

VIAIR Portable Compressor – $230

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Must-Have Electronic Accessories For a Campervan

There are tons of electronic accessories that can make your time traveling in a campervan more enjoyable. These are a few of our favorites!

7. Kindle

Reading a book out in nature is one of the greatest pleasures of van life. Paper books can be bulky and most people don’t have the space to bring an entire library in their campervan with them.

Having a kindle allows you to store as many electronic books as you want so you can read to your heart’s desire. Having Kindle Unlimited gives you access to thousands of titles for a small monthly subscription. 

Paperwhite Kindle – $140

8. Bluetooth Speaker

Music improves any situation and van life is no exception. This little Bluetooth speaker packs a punch and is the perfect size for a campervan.

The rubber feet on the speaker allow you to leave it on the counter while driving without it sliding or going anywhere. One less thing to think of or put away before driving!

Anker Bluetooth Speaker – $50

9. Projector

Aside from “Where is your toilet?” and “Where is your shower?”, one of the most common questions when someone sees a campervan is, “Where is your TV?

Though it’s true that you don’t need a TV in a campervan, a mini projector is very compact and makes it possible to watch movies in a van. Clocking in at the size of a soda can, this tiny projector can give you up to 100” of the screen.

The keystone adjustment allows you to place the projector anywhere and adjust for a rectangular image. You can display the image on a white wall or screen inside your van or outside on the side of your van.

It comes with an android processor so you can use apps like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and more. If you don’t have a service, you can cast downloaded movies or shows from your phone or a computer.

NEBULA Mini Projector – $300

10. WeBoost Antenna

If you plan to work from the road, having a WeBoost antenna will greatly increase your range of cell service. The external antenna amplifies the cell signal and relays it to the antenna in your van.

Though you can’t amplify a signal when there is none, having a booster can be the difference between struggling with a signal to having workable service which comes in handy for digital nomads like us.

weBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster – $520

11. Phone Mount

When taking your campervan on road trips, you’ll be doing a lot of navigating. Having a cell phone mount where you can easily view your phone’s GPS while driving is a necessity.

This mount clips into the air vent in your van skipping a complicated installation process.

Phone holder for the car – $15

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Campervan Accessories For Cleaning

When you’re traveling in a campervan, things get dirty quickly. Whether you need to clean your van (or yourself), these accessories will help you get things squeaky clean!

12. Mini Vacuum

Living in a small space means things can get messy fast. This is especially true when you’re staying at dusty dispersed campsites.

Having a mini vacuum makes it quick and easy to take your space from dirty to sparkling quickly so you can focus on adventuring.

BLACK+DECKER Handheld Vacuum – $30

13. Mini Broom

If you’re looking for something smaller and hand-powered, a mini broom is a great alternative to a vacuum.

When you have a small space like a campervan, you don’t need a large broom. A mini dustpan will do the job of sweeping up all the dust on the floors.

Compact Dustpan and Brush Set – $10

14. Soap Holder

If you don’t have a shower in your van, you’ll be taking your soap in and out of public showers. This also means you can’t easily leave your soap out on a soap dish to dry.

This soap bar case will keep your soap inside but allow it to breathe so it dries out. Whether you use soap bars or shampoo bars, these are great for preserving their life and keeping things mess-free.

Travel Soap Bar Case – $30

15. Toiletry Organizer

Whether you’re planning to shower at a gym like Planet Fitness or campgrounds, you’ll need a way to transport all of your toiletries.

This holder will keep all your toiletries organized and clean so you can grab it and go when it’s time for those long-awaited showers.

Travel Toiletry Organizer – $20

16. Solar Shower

When you can’t find a gym or a campground to shower nearby, having a solar shower is a game-changer.

Just fill up the bag, set it in the sun for a bit, and you’ll have yourself a warm shower. What’s better than being out in nature and having a simple way to get clean?

Advanced Elements Solar Shower – $35

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17. Travel Towels

Large towels take up a lot of space and a long time to dry, two things that don’t mix well in a campervan.

Having a microfiber towel is a game-changer. It is compact and dries much quicker than a traditional bath or beach towel. This is a must as a campervan accessory!

Microfiber Towel For Travel – $30

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Accessories For Camping

When arriving at a new destination, there are many accessories that can make your time at a campsite easier, more comfortable, and more fun.

18. Leveling Blocks

Have you ever slept on an unlevel bed? It doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep. Having leveling blocks and taking the time to position your campervan when you’re parking can make all the difference for quality sleep.

You’ll want to figure out which tires are sitting lower, position the blocks, and drive up on them to level out your van.

Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks – $35

19. Hammock

There are few things greater than finding the perfect pair of hammock trees at a camp spot. This hammock is easy to set up and will have you chilling in no time!

The Double Nest is large enough for two people but is just as comfortable for one as well.

ENO Camping Hammock – $40

20. Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights are a great way to add ambiance when you’re hanging out in your campervan at night. This set runs off of a battery pack so you don’t have to worry about using your house battery. 

Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights – $20

21. Puffy Blanket

Nights in a campervan can get chilly, especially if you don’t have a heater. Puffy blankets are similar to sleeping bags, minus the bulky zipper.

This puffy blanket offers incredible warmth while also being packable and compact. They make the perfect blanket for a campervan bed!

Rumpl Puffy Blanket – $200

22. MoonShade Awning

An awning is a must as a campervan accessory. Having a shaded space expands your livable area and allows you to enjoy your time outside more. Moonshade makes a compact and versatile awning that is lightweight and easy to set up.

MoonShade Portable Vehicle Awning – $330

23. Camp Chairs

In addition to having a shaded outdoor space, you’ll want somewhere to sit while camping.

Traditional camp chairs are big and bulky which isn’t great when space is at a premium. These camp chairs are compact, comfortable, and easy to set up.

REI Co-op Air Chair – $100

24. Outdoor Hanging Lights

Having a set of outdoor lights adds ambiance at night when you’re sitting by the fire. You can hang them from the outside of your van or from your awning.

They are cute and practical so you can see better as you go in and out of your van after dark. This set is heavy-duty, shatterproof, and solar-powered.

Solar-powered outdoor string lights – $35

Campervan Accessories For The Kitchen

Here are a few of our favorite accessories for a campervan kitchen that will make it easier to cook and eat healthy, homemade meals on the road!

25. Dish Scrubby

When you’re trying to conserve water in a campervan, sponges can get funky really quickly.

Dish scrubbers are a great solution to this problem as they dry out quicker and can be thrown in the wash. A sustainable and practical swap makes for a great campervan accessory!

Long-lasting Dish Scrub – $7

26. Mrs. Meyers Soap

Another struggle for doing dishes in a campervan is cutting grease with minimal water.

Mrs. Meyers soap is the perfect campervan soap as it doesn’t suds up too much, washes away with minimal water but still cuts through the grease. As a bonus, all of their soaps smell incredible!

Mrs. Meyer’s Liquid Dish Soap – $4

27. French Press

If you’re a coffee-lover, having a way to make a cup of joe on the road is a necessity. A French Press is an easy campervan accessory to make your morning cup of coffee.

All you need is a way to heat up your water, add coffee grounds and you’ve got yourself a delicious cup of coffee off the grid! This French Press is great because it’s metal so you don’t have to worry about breaking it in your campervan.

Stanley French Press – $70

28. AeroPress

If you’re looking for a little stronger caffeine buzz, AeroPress is the best way to make something close to espresso in a campervan. It’s small, lightweight, and makes a delicious brew!

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker – $35

29. Cast Iron Pan

A Cast Iron Pan is an incredibly durable and versatile campervan cooking accessory. With the proper treatment, a cast iron pan will last forever.

You can use it both in your campervan kitchen and over the fire. Both methods will allow you to cook delicious meals on the road. 

Cast Iron Pan – $25

30. Dutch Oven

A Dutch Oven is another piece of cooking gear that is incredibly versatile and will last forever. It can be used over the stove or over the fire.

If you don’t have an oven in your campervan, this is a great way to cook dishes that would traditionally be made in the oven.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven – $45

Well, there you have it! From safety to electronics, and cleaning to camping, we hope you have a better idea of all the essentials that you will need in your campervan.

Have any questions about our favorite camping accessories? Don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments below!

This post is contributed by Ashley Cohagen. Ashley is a travel nurse and freelance writer adventuring in a campervan with her partner Eric. Together, they curate their blog Create Your Own Roadshow, where they share everything from DIY campervan conversion guides and van life tips, to destination guides and travel nursing advice. You can follow their journey on their blog & Instagram @create.your.own.roadshow

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