Detailed Bluetti EB70S Review: Portable Power On The Go

Bluetti eb70s review

We often venture out in one of our camping vehicles for days, trying to explore new places as often as we can. But no matter how far off the grid we go, we need a reliable battery pack to continue powering all our electronic devices!

The Bluetti EB70S portable power station seems to be the perfect fit for our getaways, providing enough power and output ports to plug in all of our camping essentials and keep them going for a long time without interruption.

At about the size of a small cooler and just over 20 lbs, the EB70S was easy to bring along on our most recent trip up the California coast where we were able to put it to the test.

But was it up to the task and worth the money? Here is our detailed Bluetti eb70s review covering everything to know about this portable power station!

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Bluetti EB70S Review:

Bluetti EB70S Key Specs

Here is a brief overview of the main Bluetti EB70s key specs:

  • 716Wh battery capacity
  • 800W Pure Sine Wave inverter
  • Wide range of 120V, 12V, and USB outlets plus a wireless charging pad
  • MPPT solar charge controller
  • 21.4 lbs
  • $599 MSRP

EB70s Bluetti Battery Size, Battery Life, and Wattage Output

The Bluetti EB70S is powered by a 716Wh battery that can easily last a couple of days’ worth of normal camping use. We used it to power our 38 QT ARB Zero fridge for a weekend and had no problem keeping up, partly because the Bluetti allows us to keep our electronic devices plugged in while it charges.

In addition to powering a fridge, we also ran it through our typical gauntlet of plugging in different devices like air pumps, laptops, drones, LED camping lights, and electric blankets, and the Bluetti EB70S was able to power through with ease. Ditto for a campsite movie theatre with speakers, a laptop, and a movie projector, (although asking it to power a popcorn maker would probably have been too much).

The Bluetti EB70S uses an 800W pure sine-wave power inverter that is able to power household things like small space heaters, hot plates, electric cookers, and hair straighteners, although most of those will probably need to be used at their lowest settings to avoid going over the 800W power capacity.

Inside, the EB70S uses LiFePO4 batteries which are rated at over 2500 life cycles. Many of the competitors still use Li-Ion batteries which are only good for around 500 cycles, so the expected life of the Bluetti EB70S is 5X what those competitors offer.

There are a couple of fans inside that keep it cool as it runs the AC plugs, and even when used with high wattage items that got the fans going, it was very quiet. I would have no issues sleeping with the battery next to me in a car or in a tent.

Back at home, we quickly found plenty of uses for the EB70S. During a recent power outage, we were able to quickly plug our house fridge into the EB70S and keep the fridge going until power was restored many hours later. During a family gathering, the EB70S powered the music and portable fridge out in the backyard without needing to run power cords all over the place.

Ports And Charging Options

The Bluetti EB70S has a total of 11 plug-in options to power things from 5V up to 120V.

For AC power, it includes four 120V outlets which can be powered at the same time for a combined 800W total. Two of the outlets include a space for a grounded plug, while the other two and two-prong only. A button next to the outlets fires up the inverter to power the 120V AC outlets, and a small green light stays lit when the power is on.

For electronics requiring DC power, there are seven various types of ports to plug into:

  • One traditional 10A car port
  • Two 100W USB-C ports, capable of powering most laptops
  • Two 15W USB-A ports
  • Two 10A DC5521 ports

We like the variety of charging options which is in line with the ports offered in similar power stations. All DC outlets are controlled by a button to turn them off or on, just like the AC outlet side.

The USB-C ports are nice to plug in newer iPhone or laptop charging cables and provide plenty of consistent power, although those wishing to charge a powerful laptop like a Macbook Pro 16” will need to use the original charging cable plugged into the AC outlets since they require more than the 100W the USB-C ports can provide.

The USB-A ports are rated at 5V/3A or 15W which is plenty fast for any phone, camera, or small battery bank.

We haven’t found any use for the two DC5521 ports which are pretty rare nowadays and would have preferred to have another car port instead. We did find this adapter on Amazon to plug a 12V fridge into these ports, although we’ve yet to give it a try.

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Another interesting choice in the front is the label “Cigarette Lighter”, which would have been better replaced with a label for the rated voltage and amperage of 12V/10A to match the other ports.

Maybe one of the most useful features of the Bluetti EB70S is the integrated QI 15-watt wireless phone charger on the top.

Bluetti 70 wireless charging pad.

It works flawlessly and quickly charges the phones at a high speed without the need to fumble for cords or take up any of the outlets. We found it to be extremely helpful at our campsite where we all had different phones that would otherwise require us to constantly switch out cords.

Rounding out the front outputs is a small LED light at the top right corner that would be helpful if trying to identify where to plug in at night, but shines towards the user’s eyes when turned on so is best to use it with caution. A small piece of black tape over the center of the light mostly fixed the issue.

For charging, the Bluetti EB70S has options to recharge with AC, DC, or solar panels. Charging back up with the 120V AC wall outlet took about 3.5 hours, while the DC option to charge off a car port took about twice as long, limited mostly by the amp rating of the car’s plug.

The Bluetti EB70S is also a solar generator which means it can charge with up to 200W of solar panel.

Bluetti Solar Panel on Amazon

Using the internal MPPT charge controller to make use of all 200W effectively, the EB70S can charge in a very quick 3.5 hours in ideal conditions. The optional 200W folding solar panel from Bluetti would pair very well to keep the EB70S topped off during the day.

Bluetti EB70 Portable Power Station Exterior And Design

At 21.4 lbs, the EB70S power station is easy to carry, and the square case with a folding handle makes it easy to pack into small spaces.

The subtle, all-black case is easy to integrate into any overlanding build without drawing any unwanted attention. The outlets are labeled in matte gold and give a good contrast that is easy to read.

The square shape is also great for fitting into permanent builds in campers or campervan kitchens where the competitors tend to incorporate things like extruding handles that take up needless space. The Bluetti EB70S instead has a folding handle at the top that folds down flush when not in use, and there is a recess in the center of the case to easily pull the handle back out.

The only drawback to having the sleek, square shape is the lack of tie-down points. When we throw it in the trunk of our SUV to power the fridge, there is nothing to tie it down to keep it from sliding around. The base has four rubber pads that help keep the sliding to a minimum, though.

The front has a simple LED screen that displays the battery charge level, electric consumption, and input wattage. The screen turns off when something is plugged in, unplugged, or when a button on the front is pressed. The numbers light up in either blue or white when the screen is on and turns off on its own after a minute.

LED screen on the EB70 Bluetti.

Reading through the reviews, most complaints about the eb70 Bluetti are either about the screen not having a dedicated button to turn on and off, or the battery level reading not having a percentage readout. While we tend to agree that both of those would be nice features, it’s not a big deal.

We found that the DC Output button doubles as a screen on/off button, since hitting it once will turn the screen on without turning the DC outlets on or off. We also found that the battery level reading in bars of 20% increments is actually easier to read from a quick glance than screens that have too much data and need more time to decipher.

What’s Included With Bluetti Portable Power Station EB70s

Out of the box, the Bluetti EB70S comes with the power station, 120V-240V charging cable, DC car charging cable, and solar panel cable, ensuring that we had everything we needed to start using immediately.

There are also packages available that come with folding solar panels which are always nice when staying out at a camping spot for extended periods. If going the solar panel route, we would recommend opting for the 200W Bluetti solar panel that will quickly recharge it with just a few hours of sunshine a day.

The included solar panel cable is also a nice addition because it uses the standard MC4 connections that virtually every solar panel uses. This allowed us to plug in the solar panel into our Promaster camper van to test it out since those solar panels use the same connectors.

Some of the competitors use more specialized connections on their solar generators that almost require you to stick with their panels or buy expensive adapter cables to hook up to normal MC4 solar connections.

Final Thoughts And Where To Buy Bluetti EB70 Power Station

The Bluetti EB70S is the perfect power station for weekend warriors looking to level up their camper build for quick weekend getaways. The 716Wh battery can easily keep up with most of the demands in a typical campervan build for a couple of nights without charging, and the multiple charging options via solar or a 12V car port make it easy to charge back up between discharge cycles.

At home, the Bluetti EB70S is an excellent backup power source for unexpected power failure or other emergency use. And with a simple, timeless design, it’s easy to make it blend in at home without being an eyesore.

The LiFePO4 batteries in the EB70S should ensure years of regular use with minimal decrease in capacity, and the simple, subtle design should keep it looking fresh for just as long.

For larger full-time campervan conversions, Bluetti has larger options like the Bluetti AC200P or Bluetti AC200Max that include 30A RV outlets, and would be easier to build larger electrical systems around. Likewise, for builds that don’t include a 12V fridge, smaller options like the Bluetti EB3A can easily power up lights, phones, and laptops while saving room, weight, and money.

But for most people, the EB70S hits the sweet spot in battery capacity and price. At an MSRP of $599, it provides just enough power to keep you going through power outages and typical camping excursions without paying for excess capacity you’ll rarely need.

You can buy it now and read other reviews at or on Amazon here!

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