45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas & How To Create Them

45 best instagram theme ideas how to create them 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them

Step up your Instagram game with these 45 incredible Instagram themes ideas!

From Instagram theme ideas to tips on how to create these looks, we cover everything you need to know in order to create an amazing Instagram feed that you and your followers will love.


What Is An Instagram Theme And Why Do You Need It?

An Instagram theme is the overall aesthetic look of your account. Having a consistent Instagram feed can improve your account aesthetic and create a lasting impression on your followers.

Having a cool feed with consistent colors, editing and theme can often be the deciding factor if a person that lands on your account will follow you or not. The more consistent your Instagram feed looks, the more likely they will hit that follow button and look forward to seeing more from you.

One of the biggest mistakes people make on Instagram is not having a consistent theme. We want to help you find a theme that you will love so we have put together a list of the 45 best Instagram themes currently used by the top influencers.

Click through the different Instagram theme ideas below to find the perfect theme for you.

45 Best Instagram Themes By Categories:

Single Color Themes
Double Color Themes
Style Themes
Layout Themes
Landscape Themes
Fashion Themes
Seasonal Themes
Travel Themes
Other Lifestyle Themes


Single Color Themes

Some of the best and easiest Instagram themes to create are single color themes. With a single color Instagram feed, the goal is to focus on one color and build your feed around it.


1. White Instagram Theme


best instagram theme white instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
White Instagram Feed by @jasminerossol


A simple, clean white Instagram feed is one of the most popular Instagram themes to create. The key to creating this feed is finding a white background like a white wall, bedding, or clothing.

When editing the white Instagram theme, brighten the photo as much as you can, add contrast, increase highlights, decrease saturation and decrease shadows. You can do all of these edits with a few quick swipes in the Snapseed app by using Snapseed’s Tune Image tool.

For a more detailed tutorial on 10 tricks to edit photos with the Snapseed app, check out our post here.


2. Pink Instagram Theme


best instagram theme pink instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Pink Instagram Theme By @creativeandcoffee


Pink Instagram theme is a cheerful and uplifting feminine theme that puts a focus on pink, white and light colors. These colors can usually be found in florals, food, fashion, and accessories.

When editing for the Pink Instagram Feed use VSCO to brighten the image and add a slight pink tint to the highlights and shadows under split toning tool. It’s super easy to do and this VSCO editing tutorial will show you exactly how to do that.


3. Blue Instagram Theme

A blue Instagram feed is one of the best Instagram feeds that showcases cool blue tones.

This can be done by shooting during the blue hour (before sunrise or after sunset) or by using the Temperature tool that can add blue tones in an image. Just about every editing app, including Instagram itself, comes with a Temperature tool that can do this.


instagram theme ideas dark blue instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Blue Instagram Theme By @fursty


A great example of this theme is by @fursty, a popular outdoors photographer with over a million followers who consistently posts blue photos on his feed to create the dark blue Instagram feed.


4. Red Instagram Theme


instagram theme ideas red instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Red Instagram Theme By @niki_victoria_


To get an awesome red Instagram theme find stuff around you with red colors and keep all other colors on your feed to a minimum.

You’ll want to look out for simple white and black backgrounds that will accentuate the red color accents in your feed.


5. Brown Instagram Feed


best instagram themes brown instagram feed 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Brown Instagram Feed By @leecaruana_


Underexposed and warm photos are best to create a vintage brown Instagram feed.

To get the brown Instagram feed use VSCO’s filter M5 that comes free with the app. Then bring down the exposure and lower skin tone to create the perfect brown feed on Instagram.


Double Color Themes

Mix and match your favorite colors to create these amazing multicolor Instagram themes.


6. Black and White Instagram Feed


instagram theme ideas black and white instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Black And White Instagram Theme By @jasonmpeterson


Black and white is a classy theme that will always be a great choice for a good feed for Instagram. Just about any editing app including Instagram itself can edit photos in black and white.

To create the Instagram black and white theme open your image on Instagram, go to Filters and select Inkwell filter that will convert your image to black and white.


7. Teal and Orange Instagram Theme


good instagram themes teal and orange instagram feed 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Teal And Orange Theme By @dreaming_outloud


Scrolling through @dreamingoutloud’s Instagram feed you’ll fall in love with her bright and cheery teal and orange color theme. To create this teal & orange Instagram feed, look for backgrounds that have a lot of orange, pink, yellow and blue colors in them.

To edit this look you’ll need an app like Lightroom that has the ability to edit color hues.

When editing move color hues from reds towards oranges and yellows to get the orange look. Similarly, for blue tones move the hues from blue towards aqua colors to get the teal look.  Increasing saturation for orange and aqua will make these colors stand out.

Follow these steps and you’ll end up with one of the coolest Instagram feeds like this babe Hailey.


8. Pink and Blue Instagram Theme


best instagram feeds pink and blue instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Pink And Blue Instagram Theme By @debiflue


Pink and blue is a beautiful multi-color theme for Instagram. To get the best colors for this theme, shoot your images during sunrise or sunset when the sun naturally creates beautiful soft pink and blue tones in the sky.

When editing for the pink and blue theme, add pink and turquoise blue hues under split toning section.

Polarr app is one of the few phone editing apps that has the ability to work with split toning and it’s available for download on the app store for free. To learn more about Polarr’s amazing editing features, check out our tutorial here.


Style Themes

These amazing Instagram themes focus on putting creative spins on patterns and editing styles to create interesting and aesthetic feeds. If you love unique designs, these Instagram theme ideas cover some of the best artistic themes on the app.


9. Clean Instagram Feed


good instagram themes clean instagram feed 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Clean Instagram Theme By @meghanrienks


A clean Instagram feed is one of the best themes to create if you love simplicity. A clean theme should look simple, light and consistent with a focus on a few colors.

When creating a clean Instagram feed, you want the overall look to have a base color like white or a light pastel that will pull the theme together nicely. When editing, only stick with a few colors in your edits and stay consistent. A clean Instagram theme should not look colorful or busy.


10. Grunge Instagram Feed


cool instagram feed ideas grunge instagram feed 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Grunge Instagram Theme By @carlygibert


For a grunge Instagram feed, Carly Gibert uses Afterlight app to filter her images.

To recreate a similar warm grunge feel use Afterlight filters Glen and Cascade and lower the contrast for a faded vintage look.


11. No Filter Instagram Feed


instagram feed tips no filter instagram feed 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
No Filter Instagram Theme By @viviannn_v


The “No Filter” Instagram feed still has a certain editing look to it but if done right this look should appear to be natural and seem as if no filter was used.

The no filter Instagram feed can be easily achieved with slight editing in the Afterlight app to increase brightness, contrast, sharpness, temperature, and saturation get the best natural looking picture.


12. Minimalist Instagram Theme


Instagram aesthetic ideas minimalist instagram feed 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Minimalist Instagram Theme By @maxwanger


If you’re looking for a really simple aesthetic Instagram feed, try the minimalist theme.

To create a minimalist Instagram feed focus on showcasing one simple subject and tons of open space around that subject. Use simple colors and lots of white space to create the minimalist look.


13. Repetition Theme


good instagram feed ideas repetition theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Repetition Theme By @muradosmann


What started as a hobby and passion project for this couple turned into one of the most copied Instagram photo styles.

Photographers Murad and Natalia started taking photos with Natalia’s hand leading Murad into incredible sceneries and they kept repeating the same photography style over and over again until it went viral and became everyone’s Instagram feed goals.

By using repetition in their feed they became known for this style and grew not only one of the biggest Instagram accounts but also one of the most repeated styles on a hashtag they started #followmeto. The key to creating this Instagram theme is always keeping the same style and placement in the composition with every photo.


14. Geometric Instagram Theme


instagram aesthetic ideas geometric instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Geometric Instagram Theme By @drcuerda


In their geometric theme photographers, Daniel and Ana use different shapes to tell stories in their images.

They use themselves, props, shapes, their surroundings plus a little bit of Photoshop to make their super creative geometric Instagram feed.


15. Color Pop Theme


artsy instagram feed color pop instagram feed 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Color Pop Theme By @rclayton


Color pop Instagram theme is one with vibrant contrasting colors. To create this theme look for colorful backgrounds and add something small with a contrasting color pop in the image.

Color pop pro Rosie Clayton finds the most colorful walls and color coordinates her outfits to create a vibrant contrasting look.


16. Top-down Feed


top down theme best themes for instagram 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Top Down Theme By @happygreylucky

A top down Instagram feed features images taken from above looking down.

Creating this theme is a lot easier than it looks. Sina from @happygreylucky has shared some of her top down image tips that include taping her phone to the ceiling with a cardboard strip and taking the images with a self-timer for the best top-down look.


17. Patterns Theme


best instagram themes patterns instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Patterns Instagram Theme By @macenzo


Patterns is an awesome and creative Instagram theme to have for those that live in a city or places filled with unique and interesting designs.

Patterns can be found in anything from skyscrapers to window, stairs, and walls. To create a pattern theme look for repetitive colors, shapes, and forms.


Layout Themes

These Instagram layout themes will help you organize your posts and keep your feed looking neat. From borders to different layout grids, check out these Instagram aesthetic ideas to find a unique way to display your pictures.


18. White Border Theme


instagram aesthetic ideas borders instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
White Border Instagram Theme By @tashietinks


Using different borders and crops on your Instagram feed creates more space and separates the images from each other. Using borders is one of the best Instagram layouts for a simple clean look.

Many apps like InstaSize, VSCO, and Snapseed come with options to add borders around images. Just make sure to crop the image to a square before adding the border to get a symmetrical look.


19. Mix and Match Border


instagram layout ideas mix and match border instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Mix And Match Border Theme By @andrewkearns


To get a mix and match border look like Andrew Kearns use Preview app and the app’s white borders Vela & Sole. With this look every other image is cropped horizontally or vertically to create a cool spaced out look.

Mix and match borders is a great way to organize your Instagram grid to look artistic yet well put together.


20. Puzzle Grid


instagram layout ideas puzzple instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Puzzle Grid Theme By @juniperoats


If you feel like trying something new to switch up your grid layout, try the puzzle grid theme.

With the puzzle Instagram feed each image square contains a piece of a larger image like a puzzle and when looking at the feed as a whole, the entire pattern is revealed.


21. Quotes Layout


artistic instagram theme quotes layout 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Quotes Instagram Theme By @rupikaur_


Adding in quotes in your Instagram feed is a great way to switch things up and to keep your Instagram feed inspirational.

You can create an Instagram account solely based on quotes, add quotes as every other image to create a checkerboard style or sprinkle quotes in randomly for a more dispersed quote theme.


Landscape Themes

A landscape theme is one of the best Instagram themes to create for an outdoors photographer. From dreamy pastel feeds to dark landscape shots, check out these Instagram feed ideas created by some of the top nature photographers.


22. Pastel Instagram Feed


cute instagram feeds pastel instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Pastel Instagram Theme By @iwwm


Wahyu Mahendra from Bali has perfected one of the best pastel Instagram themes on the app. Filled with light pink, purple, yellow and blue pastel tones his Instagram feed is dreamy and inspiring.

To get this pastel airy look in Adobe Lightroom use the temperate tool to add warmth and the tint tool to add purple tones. Decreasing highlights and lifting blacks will get his flat, lightly faded look. Using graduated filter can add additional tones like oranges and blues into beautiful sunset and sunrise photos to create an amazing pastel Instagram theme.


23. Dark Instagram Feed


ig goals dark instagram feed 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Dark Instagram Feed By @jackharding


Jack Harding loves to showcase grand landscapes in his photography with a little bit of a darker touch in his editing.

To get a good looking dark Instagram feed edit by adding a lot of shadows and blacks while also adding lots of contrasting lights such as a bright sky, an ocean or a lake. To get the dark Instagram feed the images should be desaturated with a touch of blue and green.


24. Natural Instagram Theme


instagram feed ideas natural instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Natural Instagram Theme By @chrisburkard


Chris Burkard is one of the most followed Instagram landscape photographers yet he keeps his Instagram feed pretty natural looking when it comes to editing.

To create a feed like Chris, focus on showcasing gorgeous colorful landscapes with minimal editing to keep the look natural. Just add a touch of contrast and saturation to enhance the landscapes natural beauty.


25. HDR Theme


amazing instagram themes HDR theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
HDR Instagram Theme By @maxrivephotograpy


HDR Instagram theme is one that requires a lot of post processing to get that three-dimensional look.

To create the HDR theme photographers like Max Rive often merge 3 photos together in Lightroom to get the most detail and the best lighting range in an image. The HDR look also requires adding contrast, color, and sharpening.


26. Neon Instagram Theme


cool instagram feed ideas neon instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Neon Instagram Theme By @erubes1


Eric Rubens is known for his highly colorful Instagram theme filled with incredible sunset colors like neon pinks and purples.

Eric often shares editing tips and really good Instagram feed ideas on his account that include playing with the temperature and tint sliders, adding saturation and a bit of dehaze in Adobe Lightroom to enhance detail and make the colors pop.


27. Drone Instagram Theme


cool instagram feed ideas drone theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Drone Instagram Theme By @saltywings


A drone Instagram feed focuses on showcasing pictures from the air via drone.

This type of Instagram theme is becoming highly popular because it shows an angle that was hard to capture before and was limited only to airplanes. Now with the cheap cost of drones, it’s easier than ever to start a drone themed Instagram account.


28. Fairytale Instagram Feed


instagram feed tips fairytale instagram feed 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Fairytale Instagram Feed By @larsvandegoor


By using trees, beautiful landscapes and dreamy lighting photographer Lars Van De Goor has created a unique fairy-tale like Instagram theme.

To get this fairy tale look use lots of green, yellow and orange color tones in editing and add awesome light rays in Photoshop.


Fashion Themes

Some of the best female Instagram feeds focus on fashion themes with incredible style. These fashion themes are great examples of how different sceneries and editing can be used to create aesthetic looking fashion feeds.


29. Vintage Instagram Theme


best instagram feeds vintage instagram fashion theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Vintage Instagram Theme By @tezzamb


Tezza knows how to create the perfect vintage fashion Instagram feed.

Her images focus on wearing unique vintage outfits and editing with lots of warm colors, lots of detail and grain for that old school vintage look. The vintage color palette includes desaturated pastel colors like oranges, greens, pinks, and aqua.


30. Light Instagram Feed

cool instagram feed ideas light and airy instagram feed 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Light And Airy Instagram Feed By @travel_inhershoes


In her light and airy Instagram feed, Aggie Lal combines amazing fashion and incredible world travels.

To keep her Instagram feed light and uplifting she always makes the whites in her images pop, uses lots of pastel colors and desaturated tones for that awesome light and dreamy fashion look.


31. Greyscale Instagram Theme


different instagram themes greyscale instagram fashion theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Greyscale Instagram Theme By @mikutas


A well done greyscale Instagram fashion theme can be equally enticing as a bright and colorful one.

Keep the colors desaturated but add just enough color pop that it’s not quite black and white. Outdoors and the beach is the perfect place to find interesting backgrounds that fit well into the greyscale theme.


32. Eclectic IG Theme


ig feed goals eclectic instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Eclectic Instagram Theme By @leoniehanne


When it comes to fashion, more detail and color can be beneficial. By showcasing lots of busy yet amazing backgrounds combined with colorful editing, Leonie has created one of the best Instagram themes within the fashion field.

Her editing style includes lots of contrasting colors like turquoise and orange with high detail to show off her eclectic fashion style.


Seasonal Themes

Seasonal themes are good Instagram themes to create for those who live in different weather conditions. Whether you live in a place with lots of snow or in a place that has awesome fall colors, use those settings to your advantage to create these seasonal themes.


33. Summer Instagram Feed


cool instagram feeds summer instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Summer Instagram Theme By @katerinastavreva


Pretty beaches, palm trees, bathing suits and lots of water and sky make the perfect formula for creating an amazing summer Instagram theme.

Keep the editing light and airy and focus on lots of light blue color.


34. Fall Instagram Theme


good instagram feed ideas fall instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Fall Instagram Theme By @kylefinndempsey


A fall Instagram theme is one of the most colorful seasonal themes to create. To create the perfect fall Instagram feed focus on capturing lots of trees, farms and outdoors nature.

When editing for this look increase saturation for reds, oranges, yellow, warm greens and turquoise blue while desaturating all other colors. You will also want to add lots of contrast to make the fall tones pop.


35. Winter Instagram Theme


best instagram themes winter instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Winter Instagram Theme By @wisslaren


A winter theme focuses on showing the beauty that comes with the winter whites.

To create a winter theme look for landscapes and city shots that are beautifully covered in snow. Keep the temperatures towards cool tones to create a wintery look.


36. Spring Instagram Theme


insta themes springs instagram feed 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Springs Instagram Theme By @wonguy974


In a spring theme, the main idea is to show the surroundings come alive with springs colors after a long winter.

In the surroundings look for colors like pinks, greens and lots of bright sun for that uplifting spring look.


Travel Themes

From all the cool Instagram feed ideas, travel themes are some of the most fun to create. Travel themes can focus around destinations like tropical and beachy or different editing styles like colorful or gloomy.


37. Colorful Instagram Theme


ig feed goals colorful instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Colorful Instagram Theme By @jacob


When it comes to creating a colorful Instagram feed think of adding lots of saturation, detail, and contrast. In a colorful Instagram theme, you can really have fun with editing and get really creative.

Sunrises and sunsets can add tons of great natural color tones and don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to editing. In a colorful Instagram theme, no color is off limits.


38. Gloomy Instagram Theme


aesthetic feed dark instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them


Gloomy Instagram feed is one of the most popular editing looks on Instagram. To get the gloomy theme shoot your images during the blue hour or on overcast days. These weather conditions will naturally provide the gloomy look in the images.

To get the cool tones during editing lower warmth tool towards the blue tones, desaturate the colors and keep the images pretty dark to get that dark gloomy look.


39. Dreamy Insta Theme


dreamy instagram theme instagram theme ideas 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Dreamy Instagram Theme By @reneeroaming


Unlike the gloomy theme, a dreamy Instagram feed is filled with colorful pastel colors.

To get the dreamy look shoot your images after sunrise or sunset when the sun is shining bright and the sky is colored in beautiful pastels. When editing the image, add warm tones with the temperate tool, add brightness, contrast, and saturation to create that warm dreamy Instagram theme.


40. Tropical Instagram Theme


best instagram feeds tropical instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Tropical Instagram Theme By @gypsea_lust


If you spend a lot of time around beaches and green scenery, a dreamy tropical theme is one of the best Instagram themes to have. Everyone’s favorite travel couple @gypsea_lust and @doyoutravel have perfected the most amazing tropical theme by enhancing turquoise blues and showcasing their perfect tans.

To get this look they edit their images in Adobe Lightroom and make color adjustments towards aqua and orange tones for that amazing tropical look they are known for. Talk about IG feed goals!


41. Rustic Instagram Feed


aesthetic feed rustic vintage instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Rustic Instagram Theme By @rusticbones


Warm tones and a light fade can create a really artsy looking rustic Instagram feed.

In order to have a rustic Instagram feed, the images need to be a bit dark with lots of blacks and shadows yet little contrast. Use VSCO’s Fade tool to fade out the dark areas and the White Balance tool to add warm temperature in the image.


Other Lifestyle Themes

Lifestyle Instagram feed themes focus on showing a certain type of interest or passion. Whether you’re a foodie, love working out or doing makeup tutorials, these different Instagram themes are perfect to show off your favorite hobbies and skills.


42. Foodie Theme


lyfestyle instagram themes foodie theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Foodie Instagram Theme By @girleatworld


Travel girl Mel takes us on a journey around the world by showcasing different and unique foods in each country that she travels to.

But you don’t need to travel the world to be a foodie! A food theme can really be anything from showing off your daily smoothies, vegan meals, ice cream, coffee or any food you favor.


43. Fitness Instagram Feed


instagram feed theme ideas instagram fitness theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Fitness Instagram Theme By @buffbunny


Instagram fitness theme is a great way to keep yourself and people around you motivated to stay fit.

With a fitness theme, you’ll want to share workout videos, progress pics and anything fitness related that would inspire you and your followers to hit the gym and get fit!


44. Beauty And Makeup Theme


new theme instagram makeup instagram theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them


A beauty and makeup lifestyle theme is a great outlet to showcase your makeup and beauty routine.

If you’re thinking about starting a Youtube channel focused around makeup tutorials, having a beauty Instagram feed to go along is a must.


45. Pet Theme


cute instagram themes instagram pet theme 45 Best Instagram Theme Ideas How To Create Them
Instagram Pet Theme By @sukiicat


For all the pet lovers out there, it’s totally trending to have a cute pet Instagram theme for your furry friend.

Some of the biggest accounts on Instagram are all pet themed and people love to see them! Showcase your cute friend’s adventures in an all pet theme like the furry princess @sukiicat.


With so many good Instagram feeds to choose from, these Instagram feed tips were compiled to help you find a new theme for your Instagram account that you’ll be happy to share.

From lifestyle themes to different editing styles and layouts these top themes cover anything from landscape to fashion, travel and more.

The next step after finding the perfect theme is creating and editing pictures that will fit your feed.

If you’re new to photography and editing, it can all seem very intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. Check out our posts on the best beginner camera for social media and editing tutorial for Snapseed app to start creating incredible photos to share on your feed.


Are you thinking about trying any of these themes? Which ones were your favorites? We want to hear in the comments below!



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    1. Hey Yoko,

      The first thing I noticed about the @chowchowland account is that her images are very bright and have very low contrast. You can achieve this effect by increasing brightness and lowering contrast in your editing app. You can also use a “Shadows” tool to reduce shadows and brighten dark areas in your photos.

      Colorwise her photos have a lot of blue and purple tones. Most editing apps have “temperature” and “tint” tools that can edit color tones super easily. For this look try moving temperature towards blue tones and tint towards purple tones. You can also play around with Instagram’s “Color” tool in the editing section by adding blue and purple tones in Shadows and Highlights.

      I hope this helps get you started!

  1. Thx so much for this great post! I am new on instagram and would very much app.your advice…i am not sure which theme shall i use..
    Me and my son are traveling few times oer year and we live at the coast so our pictures will be mostly related to the sea, nature and traveling.
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    1. Hey Ana,

      I checked out your Instagram page, beautiful photos!

      If you live near the beach an easy theme would be a Teal & Orange one since you already have a lot of those tones in your photos naturally. If you enjoy shooting sunset or sunrise photos, you can also go for the Pastel or Colorful themes that have a lot of pink and purple tones in their images. Or another fun theme would be Minimalist where you focus your images on certain subjects that stand out.


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      1. Your feed looks so lively, I love it! Don’t be afraid to try something new and switch things up. It took me a while to find an editing style that I like as well. If you’re looking to grow your audience, try Reels and video. It’s a great way to get exposure to new audiences.

        Cheers, Laura

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  3. hey great post! quick question, what would you suggest if i already have a gallery full of pictures of me in different outfits.. and lets say for example i choose the pink color theme. Do i simply apply a color filter on top of the picture or do you have better suggestion?

    1. Hey Noa,

      The most consistent look would be if you color matched your outfits to fit your theme but that’s not always possible. If you used a similar color filter to all of your photos (ex. one with pink undertones) it should provide an overall consistent edit and look to your theme.


  4. Thankyou so much for such a information but i am very confused about my page theme can you please help me over there i had recently started my page on instagram if you have some suggestions please help me thankyou.
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    1. Hi Noor,

      If you’re just starting out I would suggest testing out a few different themes and see which ones you like the best. Based on your current colors I think the Vintage or Eclectic themes would fit your page great.


  5. Hi Laura. Thank you for this. It’s really helpful and much appreciated. My feed is really a mess, looking for a way out lead me here. After this beautiful write up I’m thinking vintage. What do you suggest and any preset recommendation will be much appreciated. @themojolafamewo IG

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