15 Best Campervan Conversions For Van Life Inspiration

Best campervan conversions

Looking for campervan conversion inspiration? You’ve come to the right place!

In recent years, the popularity of van life has absolutely exploded. So many people have felt the draw to abandon tradition and hit the open road. With this explosion comes abundant iterations of campervan builds on the internet. Take one look at #vanlife and you could browse for hours through all of the unique build ideas.

If you’re looking to pursue your own campervan build or purchase one from a builder, it helps to draw on concepts from those who have built before you. A tiny space requires creative solutions to maximize storage, functionality, and aesthetics. Each of these vans has unique features that achieve one or all of these goals.

This list has narrowed down and compiled 15 of the most eye-catching and best campervan conversions for endless inspiration!

1. Louis The Van

Seth and Scarlett of Louis the Van dub themselves boutique van builders. Rather than do custom builds for a client, they use their artistic freedom to create vans that they then put up for sale.

They have crafted some incredibly unique van builds in the past year. Possibly the most stunning is their dark build. Dark colors are a bold choice in a small space, however, these two have managed to make the space feel spacious and modern.

Photos by @louisthevan

The hexagonal tiles on the floor and the backsplash are an eye-catching touch. Their convertible shower system allows you to have a shower when you want it without losing living space when you aren’t showering.

If you like their style, be sure to keep your eye out on Instagram to keep tabs on when they put a build up for sale!

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2. Tio Aventura

Have you ever seen a murphy bed in a campervan build? This van shows that it’s not only possible to incorporate a murphy bed, but incredibly practical!

Jam-packed with practical features, this van includes a lounge/workspace, full-size bed, large TV screen, shower, and toilet. The murphy bed lives behind the driver-side wall during the day, providing space to work and relax. At night, the wall easily flips down revealing a spacious bed.

Photos by @tioaventuravan

The aesthetics are on point with a bohemian desert vibe. If you thought you were limited on space living in a van, this build proves you really can have it all!

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3. Travy Wild

Travy Wild is the master of the cabin-style build. He has managed to craft a van that feels cozy without feeling excessive.

The build uses natural wood throughout while maintaining an open feel with windows. There is a large amount of storage space with several drawers and upper cabinets.

Photos by @travywild

The Wave heater adds to the cabin aesthetic while also being functional. Possibly the best part of this campervan build is the full bookshelf proving that you can take your library on the road with you!

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4. Court and Nate

Court and Nate’s campervan build screams seaside vibes. With white cabinets and light-colored wood floors and countertops, the interior feels light and airy. The backsplash is unique with a beautiful pattern, a step away from the common subway tile.

This van features a convertible bed system providing a multi-functional space. During the day, there is U-shaped seating and a large table for lounging and working. At night the space can be easily converted into a full-size bed.

Photos by @courtandnate

A few noteworthy details include beautiful butcher block countertops, a farmhouse sink, and a Berkey filter for water. If you’re looking for inspiration for a California beach van, look no further!

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5. Camper Dreamin’

Is there anything cozier than a wood-burning fire? This campervan build has nailed the setup with storage for wood and a striking tiled mantle.

The tile carries through to the backsplash and ties together the blue accents of the interior. The light wood allows the space to feel spacious but cozy.

Photos by @camperdreamin

A partition separates the cab and the living space of the van adding security and space for a comfortable couch to back up to. This van makes even a summer-chasing van dweller want to park up in the snow and snuggle up by the fire!

If you like this interior, keep an eye on their platform, they sell boutique one-off campervan builds in the UK.

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6. The Road Through My Eyes

There are so many unique features to mention in this campervan build but can we just talk about these plants?! If you’ve ever thought van life isn’t for you because you’re obsessed with plants, think again!

Another favorite feature is the hammock chair in the doorway, perfect for lounging and soaking in your side door view.

Photos by @theroadthroughmyeyes

There is a full partition with a pocket door dividing the cab from the back of the van providing an extra layer of security. The windows allow for tons of natural light making the space feel spacious and airy.

If you like Brenda’s interior design, you’re in luck as she offers van/RV interior design consultations.

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7. Chris and Sara

Chris and Sara have created a modern and sleek campervan build perfect for the digital nomad.

This van is proof that you can have a full home office in a van. They created a workspace complete with two full-size Mac computers! In addition to a home office, they have separate spaces for a kitchen, bathroom and shower, and bedroom.

Photos by @chrisandsara_

The kitchen features an oven and four-burner propane range, a farmhouse sink, and a spacious fridge. The stainless steel cabinet faces pull together the modern aesthetic, making the interior feel cohesive. 

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8. Parking On The Wildside

If there ever was a van that nailed the whimsical woodland fairytale vibe, it’s Parking on the Wildside. This van truly belongs nestled in an enchanted forest!

There are so many stunning aesthetic details like the wooden ceiling, flower garland, and side door archway. The weathered wood adds a cozy cabin-on-wheels vibe.

Photos by @parkingonthewildside

There are lots of drawers and storage areas giving space for everything from dry goods to a full library. With so many vans using the same layout and vibe, this van dares to be different!

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9. On The Freeside

Photos by @onthefreeside

This entire build is stunning but the most defining characteristic is the mountain peaks feature by the back doors. Aesthetically pleasing and functional, it provides back support when the van is in couch mode.

Emerald green tile backsplash alongside dark wooden features creates a cozy forest vibe. The green theme continues with plants, and plants everywhere! We would be remiss not to mention the glass front floor-to-ceiling storage.

These two love to cook so their kitchen has been crafted to be intentional and functional. They have lots of counter space and an oven/range combo.

There is also ample storage for spices and dry goods. This is an all-around beautiful and functional campervan build!

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10. Living In Advance

Is anyone else not able to take their eyes off this Herringbone tile? And the matching partition between the kitchen and the bedroom is such an eye-catching touch!

There are so many stunning aesthetic details in this campervan build. From the herringbone tile to the gold hardware, and color palette, it’s clear every element was chosen with care.

Photos by @livinginadvance

In addition to the vibe, the layout is well thought out as well. Counter space in a van build is often a challenge and this build manages some sneaky surfaces.

There is a flip-down counter on top of the stove, a flip-up counter next to the sink in front of the doorway, a dinette, and a counter space above the fridge. The dinette space utilizes the driver’s swivel seat maximizing functionality.

There are tons of cabinets and drawers for storage. There’s even a pull-out step for their three dogs (yep, you read that right) to get up into bed!

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11. To The Mountains and Back

From the pillows and blankets to the mountain design in the woodworking, the interior design of this van is just absolutely stunning!

Our favorite feature is the Happijac bed system. This system allows the bed to move up to the ceiling during the day, revealing a lounge and workspace. At night the bed can slide down, already fully made and ready to sleep!

Photos by @tothemountainsandback

This van is tricked out technologically complete with a control center that operates the lights, bed, music, projector, and security system.

There is a full shower and toilet as well as a dedicated kennel space for their dog Piglet. We’d take this van to the mountains and back in a heartbeat!

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12. Let’s Play Ride and Seek

This campervan would fit right in alongside Parking on the Wildside’s van in the enchanted forest. Another stunning whimsical build!

You could look around this van for hours and continue to find unique aesthetic features. The greenery coming out of the woodworking makes the space blend in with the natural environment outside the confines of the van.

Photos by @letsplayrideandseek

Nat is a professional chef and crafted their kitchen to be incredibly functional with large prep space, a powerful fridge, and an oven/range combo.

The artistic mountain woodwork on the cab partition adds beauty to a major security element in the van. When can we move in?! 

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13. Deanna Dunn

Deanna Dunn is basically the Joanna Gaines of the van building. The interior design in her campervan conversions is on point and this van is no exception!

The bathroom in this build is one of the best we’ve seen. From the choice of tile, the arched door, and the recessed storage for toiletries in the wall, this is the van bathroom of dreams.

Photos by @deannadunn

The U-shaped convertible couch and bed create space for entertaining and work during the day and easy conversion to bed at night. There is plenty of storage from the full-length overhead cabinets to the under-bed storage and kitchen cabinets.

The color palette feels natural and cozy. If you like this style, keep an eye out for future boutique conversions for sale!

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14. Hunters Vanlife

Photos by @thehuntersvanlife

This being their second van build, the Hunters took some lessons from the first time around.

This campervan build features an arched pocket door dividing the cab from the back of the vehicle. There is a full shower and toilet with beautiful turquoise tile.

Being music lovers, they have prioritized space for storage for three guitars. In the kitchen are an oven, large fridge, large sink, and plenty of counter space. The light wood choice and white ceilings leave the space feeling open and airy.

We can definitely picture this van parked up with an ocean breeze and a guitar playing!

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15. I Built a Glampervan

At first glance you wouldn’t even know this layout is inside a van, it looks like a mini apartment! With a single bed, this layout is perfect for the solo van lifer.

There is a full shower, a spacious kitchen, and plenty of counter space. The interior barn door makes this space feel incredibly homey.

Photos by @i.built.a.glampervan

The backsplash in the kitchen is a beautiful touch, we love the use of removable vinyl wallpaper which can be replaced when worn.

In the front of the van, a swivel seat is utilized with a one-of-a-kind wooden table. This is a glamper van we would gladly travel in!

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Well, there you have it, a mighty dose of campervan-build inspiration! From light and airy beachy builds to wooden and cozy cabin builds, and everything in between.

With all the cool and unique features here, you’re sure to have some ideas for a build of your own. Which van is your favorite? 

This post is contributed by Ashley Cohagen. Ashley is a travel nurse and freelance writer adventuring in a campervan with her partner Eric. Together, they curate their blog Create Your Own Roadshow, where they share everything from DIY campervan conversion guides and van life tips, to destination guides and travel nursing advice. You can follow their journey on their blog and Instagram @create.your.own.roadshow

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