Aventon Sinch E-Bike Review: Best Foldable Fat Tire Bike

Aventon Sinch

We recently went on a road trip through the central California coast and brought with us our newest addition, the Aventon Sinch E-Bike.

The Aventon Sinch is a fat tire folding e-bike that can easily pack into our van during our travels and unfold at the destination, allowing us to more freely roam and explore.  

When in use, it folds out to a full-size bike that’s easy to ride in everything from sandy beaches to rocky dirt trails thanks to the 4-inch fat knobby tires. The various throttle and pedal assist options allow us to quickly match any terrain with the right amount of electric power with a simple click of a button.

The Aventon Sinch is the fat tire folding e-bike we never knew we badly needed!

When the dirt trails turn to paved city streets, the Aventon Sinch is the perfect match for busy towns thanks to its speed and maneuverability. It has enough power to easily travel at car speeds to make sure we can quickly zip around town without ever feeling like we’re blocking traffic.

The upright sitting position makes it easy to maneuver around people, dogs, and any of the other obstacles typically found in any busy downtown.

The battery is smartly integrated into the frame which can only be taken out after both folding the bike and with the use of the included key, giving us peace of mind when we leave the bike sitting outside a local café while we grab a bite to eat.

When we’re ready to drive to our next destination, the Sinch quickly folds into a fraction of its size after releasing a couple of buckles, making it easy to bring along in the van without taking up much room.

The complete review guide on Aventon Sinch E-Bike:

Key Product Specs

  • Price: $1,699.00
  • Speed: 20 mph at the top speed
  • Weight: 68 lbs
  • Battery Life: 40 Miles

Check out Aventon Sinch here!

First Impressions

The Aventon Sinch looks and feels like a premium product punching way above its class considering its price point of only $1,699.

The bike arrived folded neatly in a box, arriving quickly from Aventon’s warehouse in Southern California. Ample padding and wrapping were in the box to ensure it arrived in perfect shape.

There was minimal assembly required and setup was a sinch (sorry, couldn’t help myself!) taking only a few minutes. The only tool needed was an Allen wrench which was included in the box.

The bike feels heavy and solid in a good way, feeling like I could mob down any trail without fear of it breaking or bending. It weighs 68 lbs which is pretty understandable for a bike that feels this solid and ready for the long haul.

A quick glance through the manual taught me everything I needed to know: 

  • Press and hold the “M” button to turn it on or off
  • Use the up/down arrows to control the speed
  • Press and hold the down arrow button to activate “walk” mode
  • Hold down the throttle level to accelerate without pedaling

Components And Build Quality

At the heart of the Aventon Sinch is the 500-watt electric brushless motor located on the rear wheel hub that feels plenty strong. The motor has a peak rating of 750 watts which in combination with the smaller diameter tires, provides plenty of torque to get the bike moving even when starting up a hill.

The Aventon Sinch comes with a removable 672 WHr lithium-ion battery made of quality, high-capacity Samsung battery cells. It’s easy to remove out of the bike for storage, charging, or safekeeping.

The screen on the handlebar is simple and easy to read while on the move, displaying only the information needed and nothing else:

  • battery level
  • speedometer
  • pedal assistance level
  • odometer

The display is backlit making it clear to see in any light.

The folding frame is made of 6061 aluminum, making the Aventon Sinch as light and strong as possible for a bike of its size. It’s only available in one size which eliminates all of the sizing headaches that are typical when buying a new bike.

The seat and handlebars are highly adjustable up and down so it’ll fit a wide range of rider heights.

The saddle is very comfortable, just padded enough for the long rides and sporty enough for when we hit the trails. The handlebar grips are pretty basic but very easy to change out for more comfortable ones.

Two latches hold the bike together, one in the middle of the frame and one at the base of the stem below the handlebar. The latches feel strong and sturdy, made of thick aluminum to prevent rust and save weight. There is a locking mechanism inside the latches to prevent them from accidentally unlatching in the middle of a ride.

The front fork has an adjustable shock that makes easy work of potholes, rocks, and bumps, and has a lockout for more efficient riding on flat grounds. In combination with the 4” fat tires, it’s very easy to ride the bike fast and it feels very stable over any terrain.

The rear has a 7-speed Shimano Acera derailleur that has a pretty good range in speeds and shifts smoothly thanks to the quick and precise trigger shifters on the handlebar.

With 11-28 rear gears and 20” wheels, the Sinch is easy to get moving from a stop but will run out of gear when cruising at around 20 mph so it’s best suited for low-speed cruising around town.

The Aventon Sinch comes with 20” x 4” Kenda knobby tires that can easily handle any terrain. They’re advertised as being puncture resistant and can be aired down pretty low for traveling over sand or snow.

The brakes feel strong and bite quickly with very little lever effort, bringing the big bike to a stop with ease. We had no problem getting the bike to slow or stop while riding downhill on the dirt trails or when riding at its top speed.

Range And Speed

Aventon’s website is great in that they advertise the expected range at various speeds. On pedal-assist mode at 10 mph, the Sinch can get as many as 71 miles on flat terrain while bumping the speed up to the max setting (20 mph) would decrease the range to a still respectable 38 miles. When riding on throttle only at max speed, the range will decrease a bit more to around 30 miles.

We rode the bike for hours on the beach and around town without putting much of a dent in the battery charge, although admittedly we mostly rode it around pretty slow at level 1 out of 5 as we navigated narrow trails and crowded spaces. We’ve never let the battery drain very low but I would suspect Aventon’s advertised range numbers are fairly accurate based on the battery usage we saw.

Since the Aventon Sinch can be operated on throttle alone and has a max speed of 20 mph, it is classified as a Class II e-bike.

The bike does come with a setting to increase that speed limiter to 24 mph, something that might be handy if you live in an area where e-bike speeds aren’t regulated.

Admittedly, since we haven’t let the battery level drain very low we haven’t gotten a good sense of how long it takes to charge the battery back up. The included charger is a 48V 3 Amp fast charger that Aventon claims would fully charge the battery in about 4-5 hours.

Riding Impressions

The Aventon Sinch has an upright, relaxed riding position that makes it very well-suited for low-speed cruising for riders of all skill levels.

It has a very natural feel even for people that haven’t been on a bike saddle in years, making you instantly feel like you can ride it for hours over any terrain.

The upright riding position positions your head higher than bikes with a more crouched riding position, giving you a great sight of view. It makes it easy to look ahead and see over cars and other obstacles. It also allows you to more quickly look around and behind you, great for riding around town.

The upright riding position also helps navigate over obstacles as they kind of just go under you without feeling like you’re going to fly over the handlebars. The fat tires and cushy front shock combined with the overall weight of the bike help absorb small obstacles and bumps without transmitting much to the rider. Popping over curbs and rocks is barely noticeable, inspiring confidence and leaving you looking for the next obstacle.

The Aventon Sinch feels well balanced and the weight of the bike disappears below you thanks to the smaller 20” tires which help to lower the center of gravity. Turning in small spaces is really easy without getting that topsy-turvy feel that’s typical of bikes with larger tires or more crouched right positions.

The bike is easy to operate and has a very small learning curve thanks to the simple and intuitive electric-assist controls.

It only has a few buttons to adjust the speed or use the throttle and the changes are easily viewed on the simple display.

When the motor starts assisting, it engages smoothly and gradually brings you up to the set speed. It takes about half a pedal turn to get the motor to kick in which can make starting from a stop a bit difficult if you forget to downshift before coming to a stop.

Thankfully, Aventon has fixed the biggest complaint people had about the original Sinch by allowing the throttle to operate from a stop, and I have to admit that I use this feature way too much. But it’s not just for those of us that are too lazy to pedal, it’s also extremely helpful when trying to get going in sand or uphill.

Another cool feature is the ability to pair the bike with the Aventon app. While I love that the Sinch has a very simple display that makes it easy to use, the Aventon app allows us to get more stats about our bike rides like trip mileage, tracking routes, average and max speeds, and more.

Why It’s So Great

Living in California we love exploring the outdoors as much as possible and we’re always looking for convenient ways to get around.

The Aventon Sinch e-bike is easy to pack, quick to set up, and most importantly, extremely fun to ride!

Thanks to its low price for a folding fat tire e-bike with so many features, it’s easy to recommend the Aventon Sinch as a top choice for anybody looking for a portable e-bike.

Check out the Sinch E-Bike on Aventon Website here!

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