15 Best Photography Spots On The Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Guide - Cape Kiwanda

You don’t need to travel abroad to find amazing places to visit as some of the best treasures can be found in our back yard.

The Oregon Coast has earned its spot as one of “Oregon’s 7 Wonders” because of it’s beauty and scenic routes.

Here are 15 amazing places to photograph along Oregon Coast that’ll make you want to stay forever.



1. Replay a scene from the Titanic at the Peter Iredale Shipwreck


Peter Iredale Shipwreck Oregon Coast


2. Take in the view at Ecola State Park


Ecola State Park Oregon Coast


3. Run loose at Cannon Beach


Cannon Beach Oregon Coast


4. Hike up a giant dune for amazing views of ocean caves at Cape Kiwanda


Cape Kiwanda Oregon Coast


5. Look into the biggest ocean bowl at Devils Punch Bowl


Devils Punchbowl Oregon Coast


6. Observe sea lions at Sea Lion Cave, America’s largest sea cave


Sea Lions Caves Oregon Coast


Look through a window into paradise at the Sea Lion Cave


Sea Lions Caves in Oregon Coast


7. Enjoy the perfect sunset at the Oregon Dunes


Oregon Dunes


8. Watch the waves crash at Shore Acres State Park


Shore Acres State Park Oregon Coast


9. Visit Coquille River Lighthouse, the last lighthouse constructed in Oregon


Coquille River Lighthouse Oregon Coast


10. Get lost and find your way by following giant signs on Oregon Street in Port Orford


Ocean View Giant Sign on Oregon Street in Port Orford


11. Take a break at the park overlooking Wedderburn Bridge


Wedderburn Bridge over Rogue River in Oregon


12. Check out some giant rocks at the Cave Rock


Cave Rock Oregon Coast


13. Let the breeze run through your hair at Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor


Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor Oregon Coast


14. Watch a river connect with the ocean at Harris Beach State Park


Harris Beach State Park Oregon Coast


15. Feel like the ocean princess at Chetco Point Park


Chetco Point Park Brookings


The Oregon coast has so much to offer from small fishing villages to giant rocks and secret caves. Next time you’re in Oregon, don’t miss the opportunity to make the scenic drive. Just remember to roll down your window and feel the ocean breeze in your hair as you take in all the beauty.



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