DIY Promaster Camper Conversion Guide – Part II

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best diy promaster campervan conversion guide

In Part I of the DIY Promaster Camper Conversion Guide we covered how to come up with a camper van layout and how to install windows, fan, insulation, and electrical. In Part II of this conversion guide, we will cover how to do everything that’s actually seen: how to build an awesome bed and kitchen area, storage, finishing the walls … Read More

DIY Promaster Camper Conversion Guide – Part I

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ram promaster campervan conversion interior built

This year my husband Joel and I decided to do something crazy and head out on a 2-year long road trip through Central and South America. We were super excited for this trip but we had one problem- no transportation. We recently sold our converted Honda Element camper suv in order to get something bigger for the long trip. With a tiny … Read More

How To Convert Your SUV Into A Camper In 8 Simple Steps

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diy car campervan conversion suv honda element

Over the years, our trusty Honda Element has taken us on countless backroad trips from National Park hopping in the scorching Utah heat to bone-chilling cold nights at Crater Lake. The spacious interior allowed us to easily sleep inside on our favorite forest roads, eliminating the need to find hotels or book hard-to-get campsites. However, sleeping in sleeping bags on … Read More