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I have visited San Francisco twice in my life. It doesn’t make me an expert on everything San Francisco but I did manage to visit some of the most popular tourist spots in San Fran on my trips. Here are some tips, tricks and ideas on how to make the best of your trip:


  1. Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a world known landmark from many movies, shows and magazines. It’s probably as recognized as the Coca Cola sign or Kim Kardashian (not a confirmed fact). If you want to be a super tourist like me, take a cab or a bus down to the Golden Gate Bridge and snap a photo so all of your friends can be jealous of how cool you are. Just don’t try to walk across the bridge and hope to take a bus or cab back. Spoiler alert: there are none.  It will be a very, very long walk back.

Suggestion: bring a selfie stick so you can blend in with the other tourists. You don’t want to go through the trouble of actually asking a human being to take a photo of you! Who does that these days?

Photo taken by a human being

Photo taken by a human being

  1. Painted Ladies

If you are visiting San Francisco, you must go to the Painted Ladies houses, take a picture and post on Instagram with a funny caption from the show Full House like “You got it, dude” or “have mercy!” It has never been done before. Trust me, I’m an expert.

Cut it out!

Cut it out!

  1. Cable cars

There is nothing more super touristy than jumping on a tram in San Francisco. It doesn’t need to be moving to look cool.

No humans were harmed in the making of this photo

No humans were harmed in the making of this photo

  1. Ghirardelli Square

Go to Ghirardelli square and eat enough chocolate until you hate yourself. Best done before New Year’s so you can make a resolution to go on a diet and not feel guilty after.

Willy Wonka would approve

Willy Wonka would approve

  1. Musée Mécanique at the Pier

The pier is a great place to eat some clam chowder while looking at seagulls but it also has a museum with old & weird (really weird) arcades. Some of them will really boost your self-esteem:

Does it say I'm CLAMMY??

Does it say I’m CLAMMY??

  1. Chinatown

Check out China town which is the largest and oldest China Town in North America. 75% of tourists that go to San Francisco visit this China Town. Don’t be like the other 25%.

I'm pretty sure this dragon is giving me a dirty look

I’m pretty sure this dragon is giving me a dirty look

  1. Twin Peaks summit

Go on a hike. Or drive to top of a hill so it looks like you went on a hike without actually breaking a sweat. Then take a picture of the view and post it on social media with an inspirational hiking quote.

“Climb mountains so not the world can see you, but so you can see the world” ~ Who Knows

“Climb mountains so not the world can see you, but so you can see the world” ~ Who Knows

  1. Alcatraz

Go look at Alcatraz from far away and say “I should go on a tour there one day” but then never go.

My phone's zoom is amazing

My phone’s zoom is amazing

  1. Lombard street

Go see the shortest and most useless street you might ever see and wonder if the city planners had too much Napa wine when they built San Fran.

Why. Just why?

Why. Just why?

  1. Art exhibits.

Downtown San Francisco is filled with great art museums and exhibits. If you have extra time, stop by one and enjoy some great art.

You're not supposed to get it

You’re not supposed to get it

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Thank you! We’re visiting soon so I added some of these to my list! Also I read that Lombard Street is like that because it was too steep and dangerous for cars and pedestrians! Haha