February 2018 Travel Expense Report

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tamul waterfall tamasopo san luis potosi huasteca potosina

Last month, we finished exploring Baja California, shipped our van to mainland Mexico, and finished the month as we arrived into La Huasteca Potosina in eastern Mexico. Wow, was this area an amazing surprise! We arrived in Tamasopo to find aqua-blue rivers full of rope swings and waterfalls just about everywhere we turned. We realized that the whole area was … Read More

January 2018 Travel Expense Report

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How to afford to travel full time expense reports

Welcome to our January 2018 travel expense report! Ever since we left our 9-5 jobs to travel full time, we get asked on a daily basis how do we do it, how do we afford to travel so much? To answer some of these questions we bring you our first of an ongoing series of monthly travel expense reports.   … Read More