About Fun Life Crisis

We started Fun Life Crisis in 2016 because we realized that we spent more time working and worrying about “what ifs” than enjoying life, so we decided to do something about it. Chances are you’re experiencing something similar – but adult life doesn’t have to be so ‘meh’. This blog is full of tips, tricks, and stories that have helped us get over our crisis and have more fun!

About Us

Laura Sausina    

I left my corporate finance career in 2016 to take a break from the 9-5 grind and travel full time. I love experiencing new countries and cultures but feel truly at home when exploring the great outdoors. I try to live life by the idea that jobs will fill your pockets, but adventures will fill your soul.

Priscilla Lam    

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, I have been lucky enough to experience the California lifestyle. Striving to make my life a true Hollywood story, I try to explore the best of the West Coast as much as possible. I am currently experiencing a “fun life crisis” – and I’m totally okay with it.

Joel Macias

“Joel Macias is one a kind – he accomplishes everything he sets out to do, and his crazy ideas often lead him to paths few others are willing to take. Literally…”
-Joel’s mom

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